Senior DevOps Engineer

San Francisco

We are looking for Senior DevOps Engineers to join our growing Engineering team.  If you are looking for growth - this position is for you! This is a unique opportunity to learn cool technologies, be part of a great team, improve the financial lives of others, and have a lot of fun too! In our Engineering team, we value teamwork, technical excellence, and quality! We keep our systems in the cloud and are big fans of full automation. A good candidate will help us to manage our CI,  zero-downtime deployment automation, alerting and monitoring.

What we are looking for...

    • 5+ years experience in managing AWS resources.
    • Understanding of VPC, EC2, Route53, Kinisis, Aurora, ECS, IAM, and other AWS concepts.
    • Linux expert.
    • Strong understanding of Docker.
    • Infrastructure as code - Terraform experience.
    • Knowledge of operational aspects of Spark.
    • Strong experience in CI and build automation (Jenkins).
    • Maven and Artifactory or Nexus experience.
    • Knowledge of monitoring solutions (Nagios, NewRelic, Kibana, and similar).
    • Experience configuring and using log aggregation solutions (Logstash, Splunk, or others).  
    • Familiar with Java, REST APIs, and networking to troubleshoot operational issues.
    • Comfortable to use Jira, Confluence, Git, and Microsoft AD.
    • Understanding of Scrum process.

    • It would be great if you also had the following but it is not a deal breaker:
    • EMR/Hadoop/Redshift operations experience.
    • Financial industry experience.

Join our growing Engineering team!  Help us build the next-generation mobile consumer banking experience. Give millions of people the tools they need to achieve financial freedom and security.
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