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Who are we?  
Welcome to the era of Velsera! Seven Bridges, Pierian & UgenTec have combined to become Velsera. 
Velsera is the precision engine company. We empower researchers, scientists, and clinicians to drive precision R&D, expand access to, and more effectively leverage analytics at the point of care.  
We unify technology-enabled solutions and scientific expertise to enable a continuous flow of knowledge across the global healthcare ecosystem. This interweaves diverse biomedical communities, allowing them to build upon each other’s success and accelerate medical breakthroughs that positively impact human health. With our headquarters in Boston, MA we are rapidly growing and expanding our team which currently has over 800 employees located in 14 different countries! 
What will you do?   
As a Sales Operations Proposal Analyst you will report to the Head of Sales Operations and your focus on this role will be to communicate closely with different teams within the company, participating in development and quotes and support for the sales team, be point of contact and support for recording all the things needed before they go to finance, support pricing, inquiries/day to day obligations, updating sales and technical teams about improvement to increase the volume and overall success. 
Velsera is a ‘Remote Friendly’ company.  For this position, the successful candidate should be based preferably in UK, or within Europe. 

What is the job?

    • Be responsible for Development of Quotes and support the Sales team with CPQ enquiries in sense of working closely with Technical team(s) and Sales team(s) 
    • Participate in pricing committee with a focus on creating bundles 
    • Ensure detailed levels of reporting and proactively identify potential errors in opportunity values vs the primary approved quote 
    • Ensure information relating to quotes is uploaded and maintained in relevant databases 
    • Be the central point for deal review of closed won opportunities, liaising with finance and legal teams to ensure accurate information is uploaded to relevant systems 
    • Support Sales Operations during end of period audits 
    • Support management of renwal opportuntiies  and subsiquent quite creation and maintenance  
    • Maintain information in SFDC including but not limited to (project start date, close date, legal entity name and client billing information, product line items and opportunity values 
    • Ensure all records and quality checked and uploaded to relevant systems 
    • General responsibility data integrity in SFDC  

What do you bring to the table?

    • Real world practical professional experience in Proposals and Contracts within the Pharmaceutical / Life Sciences sector is essential. Degree level education is preferred 
    • Demonstrable experience in proposals, pricing, or contracts development. 
    • Experience in SFDC CPQ  (essential) 
    • Experience in the same or very similar role, as well as working within teams across various countries and cultures. 
    • Proficiency in the utilization of the MS office suite including Excel, Word, and Outlook 
    • Excellent interpersonal, verbal, and written communication skills. 
    • A flexible attitude with respect to work assignments and new learning, proactivity and willingness to participate in skills improvement training 
    • Ability to work pragmatically in a fast-paced environment and acute attention to details 
    • Solution orientated, a true problem solver who enjoys driving proactive change to processes 
    • Ability to communicate complex challenges in a succinct manner 
    • A self-starter and able to work under own initiative. 

    • Preferred Experience 
    • MBA or other Master’s degree 
    • Knowledge of programming languages (SAS, C++, R) 
    • Superior oral and written communication skills 
    • Confident data presentation skills 


    • Workmanship 
    • Independently carrying out one's work in accordance with professional standards of one's profession. Developing oneself in one's professional field. Having a thorough knowledge of one's field. 
    • knows the causes and solutions to commonly occurring problems 
    • shows interest in their professional field. Keeps their professional knowledge up-to-date on all possible ways 
    • results attest to skills 
    • shows what takes priority and where necessary, alters the work order 
    •  notices work to be done and takes initiatives to get it done 

    • Learning Ability 
    • The ability to absorb new information readily and to put it into practice effectively. 
    • develops new ideas and proposals after studying and processes matters that have to do with their position 
    • asks for feedback on their performance in order to improve 
    • is able to absorb complex information and integrate it into their own method 
    • learns readily from their mistakes 
    • uses newly acquired knowledge readily for their own organisation 

    • Problem Analysis 
    • The ability to detect problems, recognize important information, and link various data; to trace potential causes and look for relevant details. 
    • notices problems that occur and oversees their consequences for the work's progress 
    • looks at a problem from various points of view: financial, strategic, personal, aet cetera 
    • is able to place a problem's development in time 
    • sees connections between seemingly unconnected operational problems and events 
    •  gets to the heart of a matter readily by asking the right questions and using the right sources 

    • Attention to Detail 
    • The ability to process detailed information effectively and consistently 
    • orders data on topics discussed with an eye for relevant detail 
    • readily recognises contradictions in detailed information 
    • readily recognises gaps in graphic representations 
    • develops ideas thoroughly and meticulously into an effective plan of action 
    • devises systems to monitor and control detailed information adequately 

    • Focus on Quality 
    • Setting high quality standards and striving for continuous improvement and quality assurance. 
    • encourages others to take quality into account 
    • deals with complaints constructively to make sure they do not reappear 
    • checks regularly whether the work of others or team members is up to prescribed quality standards 
    • encourages the team to enhance their quality of work 
    • indicates clearly and specifically what level of quality is expected 

    • Forming Judgement 
    • The ability to balance facts and potential approaches taking the appropriate criteria into account. 
    • supports their conclusions with relevant and logical arguments from different points of view 
    • defines criteria on which their conclusion is based 
    • understands the consequences of their conclusions for the department and other people 
    • has several alternatives at their disposal 
    • encourages others to distinguish between relevant and irrelevant aspects of a question at hand 

    • Controlling Progress 
    •  The ability to control the progress of employees’ processes, tasks, or activities and of one’s own work and responsibilities. 
    • defines objectives for the department in terms of measurable results 
    • uses certain administrative procedures to control the work's progress 
    • plans follow-up actions for finished work 
    • evaluates progress from different points of view such as costs, pace, quality and effort 
    • is able to assess when to step in if the work is stagnant 
What do we offer?

Velsera stands for a stimulating atmosphere where you can grow your capabilities in an open company culture. We want you to do the work you feel great at, or that you would like to become great at. You’ll work for a mission-driven organization that is making a true difference in the scientific and healthcare space. 

Next to that, we offer competitive salaries including a full suite of industry-leading benefits which includes:
* Flexible time off
* Flexible working hours
* Remote work flexibility / Hybrid work culture
* Comprehensive Insurance benefit for self and family
* Gratuity Benefit
* Yearend company-wide holiday
* Attractive Referral Programs and Campaigns throughout the year
* Employee Assistance Program
* Systematic Onboarding Program
* Meals at Office

If you feel like this could be the next big thing for you, make sure you’re not going to miss out and have a chat with us! 

Our Core Values

People first. We create collaborative and supportive environments by operating with respect and flexibility to promote mental, emotional and physical health. We practice empathy by treating others the way they want to be treated and assuming positive intent. We are proud of our inclusive diverse team and humble ourselves to learn about and build our connection with each other.

Patient focused. We act with swift determination without sacrificing our expectations of quality. We are driven by providing exceptional solutions for our customers to positively impact patient lives. Considering what is at stake, we challenge ourselves to develop the best solution, not just the easy one. 

Integrity. We hold ourselves accountable and strive for transparent communication to build trust amongst ourselves and our customers. We take ownership of our results as we know what we do matters and collectively we will change the healthcare industry. We are thoughtful and intentional with every customer interaction understanding the overall impact on human health. 

Curious. We ask questions and actively listen in order to learn and continuously improve. We embrace change and the opportunities it presents to make each other better. We strive to be on the cutting edge of science and technology innovation by encouraging creativity. 

Impactful. We take our social responsibility with the seriousness it deserves and hold ourselves to a high standard. We improve our sustainability by encouraging discussion and taking action as it relates to our natural, social and economic resource footprint. We are devoted to our humanitarian mission and look for new ways to make the world a better place. 

Velsera is an Equal Opportunity Employer:

Velsera is proud to be an equal opportunity employer committed to providing employment opportunity regardless of sex, race, creed, color, gender, religion, marital status, domestic partner status, age, national origin or ancestry, physical or mental disability, medical condition, sexual orientation, pregnancy, military or veteran status, citizenship status, and genetic information.