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Principal Biocurator
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Who are we? 

Welcome to the era of Velsera! Seven Bridges, Pierian & UgenTec have combined to become Velsera.

Velsera is the precision engine company. We empower researchers, scientists, and clinicians to drive precision R&D, expand access to, and more effectively leverage analytics at the point of care.

We unify technology-enabled solutions and scientific expertise to enable a continuous flow of knowledge across the global healthcare ecosystem. This interweaves diverse biomedical communities, allowing them to build upon each other’s success and accelerate medical breakthroughs that positively impact human health. With our headquarters in Boston, MA we are rapidly growing and expanding our team which currently has over 800 employees located in 14 different countries! 

What is the job?
A Principal Biocurator at Velsera will be part of our Knowledgebase (KB) team that develops the world’s most clinically robust genomic knowledgebase. Principal Biocurators are skilled scientists with strong molecular biology and cancer biology backgrounds who will curate, interpret and represent the data from a variety of sources into logical rules that form the core of our clinical genomic knowledgebase. Their imprint on the knowledgebase will power medical insights for doctors and patients at clinical molecular laboratories around the world.

What will you do?

    • ● Technical/Scientific :
    • Demonstrate understanding of genomic events and their association with clinical assertions.
    • Demonstrate understanding of patient outcomes based on clinical management impact- Therapeutic/Prognostic/Diagnostic.
    • Demonstrate understanding of disease, drug, and biomarker ontologies.
    • Demonstrate understanding of variant classification & classification hierarchy- WashU & CAP/AMP/ASCO
    • Demonstrate clear understanding of respective clinical source curation workflow and strategies for the given KnowledgeBase (KB) team.
    • Demonstrate understanding of how above listed points influence our product offerings - Clinical Genomics Workspace, Tumor Profiling Software and LotusDx.
    • Contribute as reviewer of the curated content.
    • Understanding of QA/QC process of the curated content
    • Create/design workflow for new curation strategy or extrapolate existing curation strategies to a similar new scenario and ensure high quality data is delivered.
    • Create/design SOPs &/or Work Instruction (WI) generation.
    • Demonstrate new ideas and ability to present and defend ideas in team or Clinical Content Committee meetings.
    • Problem solving mindset - provide clear solutions or take decisions to resolve blockers in day-to-day tasks and be able to support/justify them in scientifically acceptable way or by providing necessary evidence.
    • Identify potential risks of process, project or design, and report deviation from SOP or WI
    • For process deviations, we expect impact analysis to be conducted and some solution to be proposed.
    • Identify gaps or misalignment between written WI and workflow implementation and propose solutions.
    • Initiate and drive Quality Management System (QMS)/Software Quality Assurance (SQA) related discussions to ensure quality compliance of KB content.
    • Identify tooling requirements/enhancements to improve source curation workflow and initiate discussion with (KB management system (KBMS) team.
    • Have a basic understanding of another KB team’s workflow and strategies.
    • Subject Matter Expert (SME) for other KB team’s annotation Wis.
    • Provide inputs in other team’s strategy design. Collaborate wherever possible to increase efficiency and quality of the overall KB product.
    • Mentorship: provide mentorship to juniors and reviewers on content strategies helping them to scale up.
    • Thought leadership: You should be seen as a reference and go-to person for niche expertise.
    • Open to self-training and exploring new technologies.
    • Communications
    • · Should be able to initiate discussions and communicate issues within team or across teams with clear background understanding to achieve outcome or conclusions
    • · Initiate or engage in clear communication (slack, email and verbal) regarding any blockers/issues with members of (other) teams, follow-up and conclude.
    • · Ability to develop documentation, PowerPoint presentations, flowcharts, diagrams etc. to communicate technical solutions
    • ● Operational
    • Should have a strong sense of ownership & urgency.
    • Follow/execute daily/weekly tasks till completion based on SOP with ownership and responsibility
    • Self QC of work – demonstrate a high standard with each deliverable.
    • Commitment to delivery of day-to-day tasks and projects involved as per the project timelines
    • Clear communication of daily work progress/status to the team lead ○ Should demonstrate clear alignment with the team’s release plan ○ Decision making: In scenarios where the team is blocked because of some issue/gap, you should be able to provide a logical path forward to the team.
    • Should be able to - Identify needs, gather supporting evidence to devise or come up with proposals for newer processes/workflows.
    • Identify ways to increase team velocity and efficiency. For example, identify areas where automation would help and accordingly provide ‘requirements’ for tool development.
    • Create plans for projects or processes on their own whenever required.
    • Plan and execute POC for new projects or sub tasks ○ Content documentation – document and review content related approach in scientific and methodical manner.
    • Handle different types of complexities in the workflow.
    • · Trainings:
    • Design, document and execute existing or revised training workflows and conduct trainings as per SOP/WI
    • Identify the training needs within the team or specific team member to improve efficiency and quality of the data delivered.
    • Take a lead in solving problems or small projects, be proactive and own results.
    • Should provide regular peer feedback to the team/functional leads.
    • Demonstrate strong adherence to Velsera core values.

What do you bring to the table?

    • Ph.D in genetics, genomics, molecular biology or an equivalent with 4+ years of postdoc or work experience OR
    • Masters degree in molecular biology, genetics, biotechnology or biochemistry with 8+ years of work experience
    • Genetic and molecular understanding of human disease.
    • Good understanding of genomic databases and their annotations (For example: GenBank, RefSeq, dbSNP etc).
    • Basic understanding of cancer biology and signaling pathways.
    • An understanding of bioinformatics analysis to identify variants within genomic data sets is desirable.
    • Proficiency in communicating and understanding of genetic variant details.
    • An enthusiastic "can-do" mentality with leadership skills, a dedicated team-worker, having good verbal and written communication skills.
    • Previous experience as an experimental scientist in applied science or hands-on experience in oncogenomic diagnostic laboratories is a big plus.
    • Experience with open-source bioinformatics tools and publicly available variant databases is a plus
    • Personal initiative and ability to work effectively as part of a team.
    • Excellent communication skills
What do we offer?

Velsera stands for a stimulating atmosphere where you can grow your capabilities in an open company culture. We want you to do the work you feel great at, or that you would like to become great at. You’ll work for a mission driven organization that is making a true difference in the scientific and healthcare space. 

Next to that, we offer competitive salaries including: 
* A full-suite of industry leading benefits (list by location)
* Remote work flexibility 
If you feel like this could be the next big thing for you, make sure you’re not going to miss out and have a chat with us! 

Our Core Values

People first. We create collaborative and supportive environments by operating with respect and flexibility to promote mental, emotional and physical health. We practice empathy by treating others the way they want to be treated and assuming positive intent. We are proud of our inclusive diverse team and humble ourselves to learn about and build our connection with each other.

Patient focused. We act with swift determination without sacrificing our expectations of quality. We are driven by providing exceptional solutions for our customers to positively impact patient lives. Considering what is at stake, we challenge ourselves to develop the best solution, not just the easy one. 

Integrity. We hold ourselves accountable and strive for transparent communication to build trust amongst ourselves and our customers. We take ownership of our results as we know what we do matters and collectively we will change the healthcare industry. We are thoughtful and intentional with every customer interaction understanding the overall impact on human health. 

Curious. We ask questions and actively listen in order to learn and continuously improve. We embrace change and the opportunities it presents to make each other better. We strive to be on the cutting edge of science and technology innovation by encouraging creativity. 

Impactful. We take our social responsibility with the seriousness it deserves and hold ourselves to a high standard. We improve our sustainability by encouraging discussion and taking action as it relates to our natural, social and economic resource footprint. We are devoted to our humanitarian mission and look for new ways to make the world a better place. 

Velsera is an Equal Opportunity Employer:

Velsera is proud to be an equal opportunity employer committed to providing employment opportunity regardless of sex, race, creed, color, gender, religion, marital status, domestic partner status, age, national origin or ancestry, physical or mental disability, medical condition, sexual orientation, pregnancy, military or veteran status, citizenship status, and genetic information.