Business Operations Technologist

Mountain View, CA 94035
Business Ops
One reason we like working here is that we enjoy spending our time on meaningful problems. Verdigris is disrupting the building energy metering industry. Our mission is to sustain and enrich human life through the development of responsive energy intelligence. We deploy machine-learning sensors and generate powerful recommendations. We predict failure of critical equipment, track energy demand, and inform efficiency projects. Extraordinary outcomes require exceptional teams. Your mission is to help us ensure our excellence, while impacting energy conservation.

About Business Ops at Verdigris

At Verdigris, we organize as agile teams with 4 to 8 people. The Business Ops team ("Bops") is the operational arm of the company. You'll be part of a multi-functional team with broad skills building a remarkable organization. Verdigrisians rely on us for planning, investor relations, board meetings, finance and accounting, compensation and benefits, recruiting, workplace design, debt/equity financings, contracts, IP and IT. You will influence our culture, share our focus, and pitch in when its all hands on deck. You will provide insights into processes to help us be smarter and help us move quicker with automation and creative tools. As Business Operations Technologist, you will innovate ways for Verdigris to grow.

Your Responsibilities

    • Building, automating, and connecting business tools to streamline and speed up internal process.
    • Collaborating to define and measure metrics for company and team goals.
    • Proposing and implementing solutions to enable better decision-making.
    • Streamlining onboarding processes that are dynamic to our roles and teams.
    • Crafting and implementing productive and creative work processes.
    • Talking to and learning from our employees to guide internal changes.

Required Qualifications

    • BS/MS in computer science or related computational science. 3+ years experience that shows excitement about start-ups.
    • You possess a strong technical background and shown programming skill, especially with Ruby, Python, and RESTful API’sYou show a quantitative decision-making process. This includes software development, statistics, finance, digital media, consulting, etc.
    • You show curiosity about the user experience and have a focused approach to crafting solutions.
    • You have insight about tools for communication, collaboration, and automation. This includes Slack, Google apps, Gusto, Pivotal Tracker, IFTTT, Blockspring, etc.
    • You weigh many perspectives and can engage with customers and product teams. You have delivered products to various audiences with any range of technical skill.  
    • You handle formative and summative research and approach projects with analysis of the problem space.
    • You follow the scientific method to confirm hypotheses quickly and cheaply.
    • You understand the business process, how others can take part in it, and how it can evolve and scale.
    • How you make decisions matters to you as much as why decisions are made.
    • You bias toward action, express complex ideas simply, and practice Kaizen.

Nice to Haves

    • Advanced degree (MS/MBA) in a field that uses analytics to measure and improve organizational behavior. This could include I/O psychology, sociology, etc.
    • You have experience leading and forming teams.
Applying to Verdigris is a chance to join a mission driven startup. We're disrupting the building energy management industry to impact climate change. Verdigrisians aim to be ego-free authorities in their fields. We take career development seriously. We provide broad opportunities and support curious minds. If you value collaboration to get the job done, we would love to meet you.

You can expect thoughtful, funny, and hardworking teammates. You can always find someone to run around NASA's alluring campus with or someone to teach you how to make empanadas from scratch. We value learning from differing perspectives. We strive to ensure everyone is heard, validated, and honored. We are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity at our company. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, or status. We strive to ensure everyone's unique voice is heard, validated, and celebrated.