Data Scientist

Taipei, Taiwan
Verdigris Technologies, Inc., Taipei seeks Data Scientists - Tasked with generating business value from our unstructured data lake using mathematical standard models.

One reason we like working here is that we enjoy spending our time on meaningful problems. Verdigris is renovating the building energy metering industry. Our mission is to sustain and enrich human life through the development of responsive energy intelligence. We see our work as a critical step toward inventing ambient intelligence. Our smart electricity monitoring system enable artificial intelligence to generate powerful insights, predict failure of critical equipment, track energy demand, and inform efficiency projects. Extraordinary outcomes require exceptional teams. Your mission is to help us ensure our excellence, while impacting energy conservation.


    • Fetch and store data from web APIs, Spark, and databases, navigating multiple databases in order to store and parse data.
    • Uncover hidden information within our diverse unstructured data lake and apply signal processing techniques to time series data.
    • Use of controls and optimization strategies to work on projects on a data scientist's roadmap include energy forecasting, motor fault detection, disaggregation, anomaly detection, energy storage optimization, and building controls among others.
    • Responsible for taking projects from research to production, building products across entire product lifecycle.
    • Work entails a high degree of collaboration with all team members from growth to hardware, to full-stack, to customer success.
    • Practice agile software development practices to help Verdigris develop team processes for transparent workflows and cross-functional development.


    • Requires Masters or advanced Degree in relevant subject area (computer science, electrical engineering, mathematics).
    • Two years of related experience in developing machine learning products.
    • Strong mathematical understanding of standard machine learning models: Linear models, SVM, Trees, KMeans, Neural Networks, etc
    • Fluency in Python programming language
    • Ability to modify/extend existing ML systems for the task at hand
    • Experience with Spark and SQL and NoSQL databases (e.g. Cassandra, Postgres)
    • Scrappiness and can thrive on autonomy
    • Strong sense of teamwork
Applying to Verdigris is a chance to join a mission driven startup. Verdigrisians aim to be ego-free authorities in their fields. We take career development seriously. We provide broad opportunities and support curious minds. If you value collaboration to get the job done, we would love to meet you.

You can expect thoughtful, funny, and hardworking teammates. You can always find someone to run around NASA's alluring campus with. Or someone to teach you how to make empanadas from scratch. We value learning from differing perspectives. We strive to ensure everyone is heard, validated, and honored. We are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity at our company. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, origin, gender, orientation, age, or status.