Growth Data Scientist

Moffett Field, CA 94035

One reason we like working here is that we enjoy spending our time on meaningful problems. Our mission at Verdigris is to sustain and enrich human life through responsive energy intelligence. We see our work as a critical step toward inventing ambient intelligence – the idea in the not-so-distant future, buildings will be autonomous, efficient and sustainable environments responsive to their inhabitants. Our product is a comprehensive electricity monitoring and notification system for mission-critical commercial facilities. Our proprietary hardware enables our artificial intelligence to automate demand-side energy management for buildings and to detect and predict unseen equipment faults.

We believe extraordinary outcomes require exceptional teams. We deeply believe in the power of the growth mindset for individual and team development. Don't worry if you don't understand energy analytics and facilities operations just yet. As a fast learner and collaborative teammate, you are ready to handle that challenge and more.

As Growth Data Scientist, you would help us further develop data products used by Growth and the company. As part of a broader Growth team, you'll also collaborate to identify good product-market fit so that we can drive adoption of our innovative energy platform.

About the Growth Team

At Verdigris, we organize ourselves as small agile teams, typically sized between 3 to 8 people. These teams sync with on company strategy, but decide on how to achieve these goals independently. Growth supports the company’s mission by improving the rate at which we deliver demand for Verdigris products and by reducing the friction to customers realizing value. Our team is cross-functional, with diverse and deep experience in sales, marketing, business development, product marketing, data science, and coding. We’re searching for the right teammate to share our collaborative focus. While you have a skill set and passion for data science, you may be relied on to collaborate on everything growth related.

About Data Science in the Growth Team

We believe data science and machine learning are skills you'll use every day for the company as a whole; roughly half of the company have some data science expertise. Data science has a wide range of impacts on the way we work. Specifically data science on the growth team allows us to better understand the customer's journey, where customers derive value from the product, and how to find additional customers like them.

The team that achieves our mission at Verdigris recognizes:
- The value of cross functional skills and experience.
- That products add leverage where warm bodies may not.
- That data products add direction to velocity.
- That data science is imperative.


    • Using data to identify patterns in customer segments, buying habits, behaviors, goals, building end uses that align with growth team goals
    • Predicting prospect and customer readiness, suitability, and priority in order to help drive adoption of the product in the market
    • Identifying and identifying and developing data products for sales teams, channel partners, and direct purchase
    • Work with other team members to source and collect raw data for data products
    • Prototyping prospective product solutions to meet customer and market opportunities
    • Helping to build a cross-functional growth team
    • Write about and share your experiments as part of inbound marketing efforts
    • Further developing/integrating our analytics and marketing automation
    • Work with the team to define a work plan to support company strategic goals
    • Collaborating with our product and development teams to inform product features for product features for future markets

We take career development seriously. We provide broad opportunities and technical support for the curious mind in a vast and unpredictable world. As a growth data scientist you will work with experts across machine learning, product design and business. We are a mission-driven organization. If you value open collaboration, pairing, agile teams and flexibility in roles to get the job done, we'd love to meet you.

We are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity at our company. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, origin, gender, orientation, age, or status.