Field Technician Intern

Moffett Field, CA 94035 /
Growth – US ESS /
Verdigris is an artificial intelligence that focuses on optimizing building operation and energy consumption.
Our core technology combines magnetic sensors with machine-learning techniques. Our unique ability
enables us to "learn" and distinguish various equipment and appliances. As a result, our platform is
massively scalable, beneficial and easy-to-adopt.

Troubleshoot and resolve issues in the field, developing and organizing documentation to complete

Who should apply:
We are a mission-driven organization and we take career development seriously. We provide broad
opportunities, challenges and support for the curious and growth minded. As an intern at Verdigris you will
work with other experts in engineering, business operations and growth teams. What you will leave with:
● Dirty hands, having had to figure out everyday business problems and their solutions
● A portfolio for future job applications
● Getting strategic decision making exposure
● Working with a badass team that can mentor you and where you can learn a lot
● Working in a highly collaborative startup environment with people you wouldn't have access to
at larger companies
● Exposure to the work world in a way that won’t ever be covered in class

Our culture values open collaboration, pairing, agile teams and flexibility in roles. If you share those values
we'd love to meet you.

Internship location:

Internship term:
12 weeks

Internship Quarter:


    • Electrical Engineering major, understanding of power systems and HVAC