Senior Full Stack Engineer

Taipei, Taiwan
One reason we like working here is that we enjoy spending our time on meaningful problems. Our mission at Verdigris is to sustain and enrich human life through responsive energy intelligence. We see our work as a critical step toward inventing ambient intelligence. We expect that buildings will become autonomous, sustainable environments responsive to their inhabitants. Our product is a SaaS for high-end commercial buildings. We deploy machine-learning sensors and generate powerful recommendations. We predict failure of critical equipment, track energy demand, and inform efficiency projects.

We believe extraordinary outcomes need exceptional teams. Also, that growth mindsets are critical for team development. Don't worry if you don't understand energy analytics and facilities automation yet. As a fast learner and collaborative teammate, you are ready to help us handle that challenge and more.


    • Enable and support our product in the Chinese Market
    • Migrate our development platform to support on-premise and cloud agnostic deployments
    • Design, vet, build and deploy scalable data pipelines (spanning data ingestion, ETL and machine learning analytics)
    • Develop and maintain Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipelines

Required Skills & Qualifications

    • You have 5+ years of experience in shipping software products.
    • You build and integrate microservices with seamless execution
    • You carry expertise in middleware, modern backend frameworks (Rails, Django, any Node.js based frameworks, etc.)
    • You navigate AWS or other cloud computing environments with ease (like Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, etc.)
    • You are adept at using container technologies like Docker
    • You hold advanced knowledge of source control (Git)
    • You are passionate about improving engineering practices (TDD, CI, continuous deployment, pair programming, and design/code reviews)
    • You have experience with relational databases (PostgreSQL, MySQL, AWS Aurora, etc.) and NoSQL data stores (Cassandra, Redis, MongoDB, DynamoDB etc.)
    • You are an empathic listener who tries to understand the needs of your fellow teammates.
    • You have a Bachelor’s in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, Mathematics or equivalent degree.

Nice to Haves

    • You are fluent in Scala or Ruby.
    • You have experience in Apache Spark, Hadoop or a similar distributed computing framework.
    • You carry knowledge of distributed database systems (e.g. Cassandra, ScyllaDB, DynamoDB, etc.)
    • You have deployed machine learning pipelines, involving regression, neural networks, classification algorithms, or other optimization algorithms.
    • You have experience in building and scaling IoT products (MQTT protocol, AWS IoT)
    • You know marshalling frameworks (Protobuf, Thrift, etc.)
    • You have intimate understanding of *nix or other POSIX compliant operating systems (Linux, BSD, OS X)
    • You speak English at a professional level

Office Location and Commute Requirement

    • The office is located near 台北市雙連捷運站.
    • We would like to see all of our team members collaborate and brainstorm together in our new office.
Applying to Verdigris is a chance to join a mission driven startup – we're advancing the energy management industry and impacting climate change in the process. As a Verdigrisian you will have the opportunity to work with experts across machine learning, product design, and business. We take career development seriously. We provide broad opportunities and technical support for the curious mind in a vast and unpredictable world. If you value open teamwork, pairing, agile teams and cross-functionality in roles to get the job done, we would love to meet you.
You can expect to be surrounded by thoughtful, bright, funny and hardworking folks, who motivate you to work hard and laugh harder. We deeply value learning from differing perspectives and strive to ensure all voices are heard, validated, and honored. We are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity at our company. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, origin, gender, orientation, age, or status. We celebrate everyone's unique voice.