Summer Intern (IoT Team)

Taipei, Taiwan
Verdigris is disrupting the building energy metering industry.  Our mission is to sustain and enrich human life through the development of responsive energy intelligence systems.

We deploy proprietary hardware sensors to feed data into our powerful machine-learning software algorithms.  Users can do powerful things with that data.  Facilities managers can monitor critical equipment. Finance managers can track energy demand and validate efficiency projects. Sustainability managers can benchmark performance across their portfolios.  Our software is simple to use and our technology is unparalleled.  We are deployed across the US and globally, and often hear our clients say how impressed they are by how well our product works, saving them time and money.

As summer intern in Verdigris IoT team, you will be working with colleagues from both USA and TW offices for following tasks:

Job Description

    • Test / debug Verdigris IoT energy meter systems
    • Improve IoT energy meter tracking system
    • Verify data and energy accuracy


    • Familiar with C or C++ or Python
    • Familiar with Unix-like systems
    • Basic understanding in data structures, algorithms and computer network


    • Familiar with shell scripts
    • Familiar with GNU Make system
    • Experienced in embedded systems
    • Fluent in English


    • You exude passion and enthusiasm for working in a startup culture
    • You are self-motivated and mission-driven, willing to learn new languages
    • You don’t get hung up on job titles or responsibilities, and are capable and willing to go where needed
    • You are an analytical and critical thinker, with a process-oriented mindset
    • How you make decisions matters to you as much as why decisions are made
    • You have a perspective on (and hopefully a familiarity with) the latest tools for workflow, communication, collaboration and automation – Slack, Google apps, etc.

Period of this position: July - Sept, 2019 (open for discussion)
Location: Garage+