Marketing Technologist

Moffett Field, CA 94035

One reason we like working here is that we enjoy spending our time on meaningful problems. Our mission at Verdigris is to sustain and enrich human life through responsive energy intelligence. We see our work as a critical step toward inventing ambient intelligence – the idea in the not-so-distant future, buildings will be autonomous, efficient and sustainable environments responsive to their inhabitants.

Our product is a comprehensive electricity monitoring and notification system for mission-critical commercial facilities. Our proprietary hardware enables our artificial intelligence to automate demand-side energy management for buildings and to detect and predict unseen equipment faults.

We believe extraordinary outcomes require exceptional teams. We deeply believe in the power of the growth mindset for individual and team development. Don't worry if you don't understand energy analytics and facilities operations just yet. As a fast learner and collaborative teammate, you are ready to handle that challenge and more.

We need you to help us further develop our marketing and sales strategies. As part of a broader growth team, you'll also collaborate with sales and customer operations to innovate ways to create viral loops and spur rapid growth. Traction may come in several ways. You'll be responsible for helping Verdigris improve all the ways we acquire, retain and growth customers.

About the Growth Team

At Verdigris, we organize ourselves as small agile teams, typically sized between 3 to 8 people. Our team drives customer acquisition, platform deployment, and revenue growth for the company. Our team is cross-functional, with diverse and deep experience in sales, marketing, business development, product marketing, data science and coding. We’re searching for the right teammate to share our collaborative focus. While you have a skill set and passion for marketing, you may be relied on to collaborate on everything growth related – direct sales, SEO, SDR, channel development, customer success or even written or video content production.


    • Talking to and learning from customers to inform product marketing
    • Collaborating with our product and development teams to inform future markets
    • Developing our marketing funnel from awareness to trial to advocacy and everything in between
    • Delivering market qualified leads through a rigorous lead scoring system to drive organizational prioritization and efficiency
    • Implementing and measuring the efficacy of demand gen experiments: e.g. social, SEO, SEM, emails, freemium, pr, content, offline strategies, referrals, affiliates, ads, etc.
    • Leading inbound marketing efforts through continuous content generation
    • Further developing/integrating our marketing automation and tracking
    • Nurturing contacts through the sales cycle using content marketing and targeted emailing
    • Helping to build a cross-functional growth team


    • Your work or education demonstrates a quantitative decision making process (e.g. software development, statistics, finance, digital media, consulting, etc.)
    • You pursue experience and mastery in multiple functional disciplines or extracurriculars (i.e. b2b marketing, digital marketing, computer sciences, writing)
    • You demonstrate an obvious area of passion in your life or career
    • You have experience balancing the perspectives of multiple partners and have delivered products to multiple audience types
    • You use or have implemented innovative and interesting approaches to marketing that demonstrate thought leadership, participation in a community of knowledge or that you stand on the shoulders of giants
    • You express complex ideas simply
    • You engage effectively with both customers and product teams
    • You handle formative and summative research effectively. You approach projects with a thorough analysis of the problem space.
    • You follow the scientific method. You ask yourself constantly how to validate hypotheses quickly and inexpensively. You know when to make big bets and small bets.
    • You understand the overall marketing process, how others can participate in it and how it can evolve and scale.

We take career development seriously. We provide broad opportunities and technical support for the curious mind in a vast and unpredictable world. As a growth marketer you will work with experts across machine learning, product design and business. We are a mission-driven organization. If you value open collaboration, pairing, agile teams and flexibility in roles to get the job done, we'd love to meet you.

We are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity at our company. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, origin, gender, orientation, age, or status.