Innovation AI Engineer

Grenoble, France
Process Engineering – Process Innovation Team /
CDI / Permanent position /

Overview of the role :

    • Develop solution innovatively based on cutting edge technologies, to solve practical problems.
    • Understand the real industrial cases and do investigation from versatile resources
    • Turn the solution and technology from either lab or concept to real production
    • This job is challenging, which requires excellent observation, data sensitivity, logic thinking, outstanding learning skills and patience as a typical engineer.
    • You will mainly focus on digital manufacturing and smart factory topic, to improve process efficiency, quality and reduce direct labour to make Verkor as a strong competitive battery manufacture in this world.

Responsibilities :

    • 1.   Identify the problem, simplify, and summarize to engineering model, with supports from experts
    • Recognize the problem beneath phenomenon;
    • Understand causal relationship and other priori knowledge related to the scenario;
    • Breakdown problems into potential solvable tasks;
    • 2.  Define requirements, Investigate potential solutions
    • Clarify goals for each task;
    • Develop roadmap of whole solution;
    • Research available approaches and classify technical route;
    • Analysis risks and ROI;
    • 3.  Design and validate
    • Propose concept drawing of whole solution;
    • Provide DoE of your design;
    • Select required components and software etc.;
    • Initiate purchase or self-develop for core functionalities;
    • Verify feasibility and offer deployable solution for production line;
    • 4.  Report and support
    • Report progress and results of the studies to other Verkor departments.

Requirements :

    • Evidence of exceptional ability. Verkor follows a culture of full-cycle engineering where members will have full responsibility and accountability for their projects from start to finish. We are looking for the best of the best. This experience could also make you special and rare in the market!
    • 5 -10 years of experience working with AI and innovation projects. Experience related to battery is preferred.
    • Ability to transform research articles into the working solution for real-world problems
    • Strong fundamental knowledge on sensor technologies to drive IOT projects
    • Capable of deployment is required, such as HW requirements, environmental compatibility evaluation, encapsulation etc.
    • Deep understanding of AI algorithms
    • Proficient with at least one deep learning framework such as Tensorflow, Keras and Pytorch
    • Experience in training models through GPU computing using NVIDIA CUDA or on cloud
    • Excellent team player who is open to new ideas and thoughts
    • Good English written and oral skills
    • Highly organized and result driven
    • Strong knowledge on Python, C++ 
    • Experience with modern smart factory design to reduce footprint and optimize manufacturing process is a strong plus.
    • Basic: Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, AI, or similar discipline
    • Preferred: M.S. in AI, computer science or similar discipline.