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Bourbourg, France
Production – Operation Team (ENG) /
CDI / Permanent position /
Verkor is a French industrial company aiming to pioneer low-carbon battery manufacturing in France. With the backing of prominent industrial companies such as Renault Group, Plastic Omnium and Schneider Electric, Verkor intends to electrify the future of European mobility.

With over 450 experts from 41 different countries, our endeavor is to unite exceptional global talent to bring this ambitious and innovative project to life. Our strong and agile international team continues to grow and adapt to new challenges. Based in Grenoble (France), we have recently started operations our Verkor Innovation Center (R&D center and 4.0 pilot line).

We now focus on building the world's most modern and efficient Gigafactory in Dunkirk (France). With this facility, our ambition is an initial annual production of 16 Gwh of lithium-ion batteries by 2025, thus powering 300,000 electric vehicles annually.

In joining us, you will actively participate in this breathtaking industrial adventure to shape the future of European mobility.

Main missions of the role

    • Ensure optimization of production processes, ensure operational efficiency, and maximize productivity while reducing costs.

      Implement standardized methods and procedures, analyze production flows, identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies, and propose solutions to solve them.

      Collaborate with operational and supporting teams to implement continuous improvements and ensure product quality. Be actively involved in the choice of new technologies, equipment and production tools, in order to modernize processes and remain competitive in the market.

Key responsibilities

    • Optimization of production processes :
    • Design and implement efficient ways of working to increase productivity and reduce production costs.
    • Regularly evaluate existing processes to identify potential areas for improvement.

    • Standardization Management : 
    • Establish work standards and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to ensure both consistency and quality of production.
    • Ensure employees understand and follow SOPs.

    • Workflow Analysis :
    • Analyze workflows to identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies.
    • Propose solutions to optimize the flow of materials and resources.

    • Continuous Improvement :
    • Collaborate with the Operational Excellence Manager and team to implement Continuous Improvement initatives such as Lean Manufacturing or Six Sigma.
    • Monitor and evaluate progress in process improvement.

    • Integration of new technologies :
    • Collaborate with the Industrialization team to evaluate and integrate new technologies, equipment or automations.
    • Provide training to employees in the use of new technologies.

    • Quality Management :
    • Work closely with the Quality Department to ensure product compliance with standards and specifications.
    • Develop quality control protocols and performance indicators

    • Cost Management :
    • Track production costs and identify ways to reduce expenses while maintaining quality.
    • Participate in budget development and operational cost management.

    • Team Management :
    • Staff, coach, develop, motivate, inspire team members, and promote successful teamwork.
    • Set/align goals and objectives, manage and appraise team members performance.

    • Reporting and communication :
    • Prepare reports on process performance and efficiencies for management.
    • Collaborate with other departments to share best practices and foster corss-functional collaboration.

    • Workplace Safety :
    • Ensure that processes and procedures comply with current security standards.
    • Promote a culture of safety within company.

The experience and soft skills we hope you'll bring

    • Demonstrated passion and 8-10 years experience in Process and Industrialization roles, and the ability to solde problems.
    • Ability to build relationships at all levels of the organization.
    • Fluent in French and proficient user of English is a must.
    • Awareness of organizational, cultural group and/or interpersonal dynamics through attentive listening ans ability to read the environment.
    • Analytical Mindset : The ability to analyze workflows, identify inefficiencies, and come up with data-driven solutions is essential.
    • Rigor : Precision and thoroughness are crucial in developing work standards and standard operating procedures.
    • Creativity : Creativity is useful for finding innovative ways to optimize production processes and improve efficiency.
    • Leadership : Proven leadership skills to coach and lead teams to fully deliver chartered objectives and projects that drive continuous improvement.
    • Communication : Effective communication is necessary to explain process changes to employees and to collaborate with other departments.
    • Time Management : Time management is important for managing multiple improvement projects in parallel and meeting deadlines.
    • Customer focus : Understanding customer needs and expectations is key to designing production processes focused on customer satisfaction.
    • Problem-solving skills : The ability to quickly resolve operational issues is valuable in keeping production running.
    • Technical Knowledge : A thorough understanding of production technologies, equipment and systems is required.
    • Safety Leadership : Promote a culture of safety within the company by ensuring that processes meet safety standards.

Why join us ?

    • Strong company spirit and culture settle down around our 4 values :

    • Contribution : We promote personal initiative and give everyone the means to contribute to the company's success.

    • Communication : We are committed to transparent communication : we say what we think, and we mean what we say
    • .
    • Team Spirit : Everyone, in their role, is an ambassador for the company. At Verkor, success is most definitely a team sport !

    • Commitment : We are all working towards a common goal : a sustainable future which we are building one step at a time.

    • Attractive work conditions :
    • Stimulating work environment, pleasant offices, multicultural and motivated team.
    • Lunch vouchers.
    • 50% of local transportation costs financed.
    • 5 weeks of holidays per year + 2 weeks of compensation time (RTT).
    • Industry-leading healthcare.
    • Opportunities to network and connect with worldwide experts.

    • For more info on the company, please visit us at