Ontology Engineer (M/F)

Grenoble, France
Digitalization – Digitalization Team /
CDI / Permanent position /

About this role :

    • We have an exciting opportunity as an Ontology engineer, within the digital team of Verkor in Grenoble. In this role, you will support us in building and maintaining knowledge graphs for battery design and manufacturing use cases.
      In joining us you will play an important part from the very start in building the future European battery ecosystem and one of the first French Gigafactory.

Main responsibilities :

    • Conducting preliminary research on building an ontology about battery research and manufacturing, and a human- and machine-readable semantic graph describing relationships between entities and data shared by entities.
    • Actively participate in ontology-related discussions within Verkor.
    • Defining ontologies based on OWL.
    • Textual representation of RDF graphs using Turtle Documents
    • Go through different COTS software’s data models and schemas and assist in doing relevant transformations. 

Requirements :

    • Enrolled in a Bachelor or a Master’s degree, more specifically in Computer Science, Software engineering, or related major.
    • Basic understanding of ontologies, taxonomies, and data structures
    • Ability to learn ontology editing tools such as Protégé (Essential)
    • Ability to work collaboratively and creatively with others, sharing knowledge and skills.
    • Critical Thinking & Analysis
    • Effective Communication
    • Knowledge of query languages SQL & SPARQL.
    • Experience working on a semantic platform (Stardog/Ontotext/RDFox) is a big plus.