Legal Associate

New York, NY
Compliance & Legal – Compliance & Legal
The Company

Prepared to commit every inch of talent, motivation and desire or even late-night work shifts to get the required results? Continue reading. Not sure? Stop reading.
At ViaBill, we want to become the first and biggest global point-of-sale financing solution. Becoming the best at something is not easy. It takes skill, hard work, and an unmatched level of ambition. But if you deliver, the world will be at your feet.
We believe in the same ideals. We offer a job with great potential for career development, freedom to unfold skills and competences, and equal treatment. Everything is measured and backed up by numbers and data. Put differently: If you are ready to learn, grow and become a world-beater, you will be rewarded for your effort. To spell it out: Get shit done and claim your reward.
We won’t lie. Business is a warzone. It takes something extraordinary to come out on top. And we need you to go that extra mile for the greater good – and yourself.

“Opportunities multiply as they are seized.” – Sun Tzu In

The last 4 years, we’ve grown from our first office in an art gallery to multiple offices throughout the world - the newest addition being our New York office. From a handful of customers to handling transactions worth more than $150M per year.
From engineers to sales, we’re on the hunt for exceptional talent to help us scale our business and get ViaBill into the hands of millions of people.

The Position

ViaBill is seeking a detail-oriented, part-time Legal Associate to join and build the team and help support all sides of our fast-growing business.  We are building a world-class, fast-moving legal team, directed and instructed by the company’s experienced in-house lawyer. You will be working under the Compliance & Legal team in our Manhattan office. 

We are looking for the ideal candidate who loves wearing many hats and taking on new and exciting challenges. You will be handling various issues in short time frames and are expected to take initiative and solve these with minimal help. You are a key team player who contributes to the work space and will be in close contact constantly with most of the team.

By working at a young, innovative company, you will have a chance to advance your skills dramatically and learn to adapt them into complex real-life problems. 

What you will do

    • Obtain and manage the company State licenses and other regulatory filings.
    • Identify and help implement process improvements to policies and procedures.
    • Assist in monitoring and reviewing the Compliance Management System.
    • Support the legal contract management process.
    • Collaborate on team initiatives and other special projects.
    • Interact cross-functionally with other US and European departments and outside counsel.

What we look for

    • Competitive and hardworking law student.
    • Impatient by nature and has an entrepreneurial mindset.
    • Strong problem-solving skills and intellectual maturity.
    • Strong business acumen and proactive mindset are valued, rather than longer years in studying.
    • Great team player who can communicate proficiently and efficiently.
    • Interest in working at a FinTech company and inclination to create company’s legal foothold on US soil.
    • Extreme attention to detail and ability to adjust on the fly.
    • Salary is $20/hour.