Graphics Developer

San Francisco Bay Area
Our long term goal is to build machines that exceed human intelligence. We are passionate about changing the world with science and software, and we are looking for exceptional people to join us in that mission. Vicarious is working on solving the problems that will take us from the current state of the art to human-level AGI. We work on all components of the AI problem, including perception, concept learning, reasoning, and sensory motor systems, and beyond. Our underlying framework is a probabilistic graphical model that is inspired by the structure of the neocortex. You will join a small, tightly knit collective of extraordinary engineer scientists

As part of the team you will

    • Build virtual environments on which to train our agents.
    • Assess and import public 3D model datasets for internal use.
    • Build infrastructure in which graphical and physical data can be systematically generated and visualized.
    • Work closely with researchers and engineers to design training data for vision tasks and robotics tasks.
    • In context of graphics rendering for AI training, communicate possibilities and constraints to other researchers and engineers.
    • Design and explore effective methods for data augmentation.

Desired skills and experience

    •  Excellent knowledge OpenGL and Python at least 3+ years of experience.
    • Strong knowledge of object-oriented design, design patterns, 3D Math, and data structures.
    • Familiar with debugging environment issues and system issues associated with OpenGL on Linux.
    • Experience with game physics and particle systems.
    • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics or equivalent experience.
    • Proficient knowledge of code versioning tools such as GitHub.
    • Passion for AI and robotics.

    • Preferred:
    • Strong shader programmer
    • Experience with Machine learning

Desired personal qualities

    • Integrity
    • Ability to admit when wrong
    • Altruism
    • Fearlessness working outside your comfort zone
    • Patience with others
    • Described by others as the best researcher / engineer / thinker they know
    • Intellectual breadth
    • Sense of humor
Vicarious offers unique benefits for all employees that includes personal coaching, organic breakfast and lunch, a company trip to Hawaii every year, and much more. Please visit Join Vicarious for details.

Vicarious is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. We’re committed to fair hiring practices and a welcoming working environment. All candidates are considered for employment without regard to race, religion, ethnicity, age, gender, sexual identity or expression, medical condition, or socioeconomic status. We value our differences and we’re excited to learn what you can add to our team.