Entrepreneur in Residence

US or Emerging Markets Ventures

Village Capital finds, trains, and invests in the best entrepreneurs solving real-world problems. If you’re an entrepreneur who has experience in the sectors that matter most in the economy—including health, education, energy, agriculture, and fintech—and are looking for your next move, we’re interested.
The core innovation in Village Capital is that entrepreneurs make the best investors. Over the past seven years, we’ve worked with 600 companies, investing in 70, and now as we grow, we want to bring more of the best entrepreneurs onto our team.
For Village Capital’s first Entrepreneurs-in-Residence, here’s what we’re looking for:
·       You have a very specific idea of what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur, based on your experience, and you’re excited to share this experience with others.
·       You’re interested in investing in the next generation of entrepreneurs (either as an angel investor yourself or potentially working for a venture capital fund).
·       You have deep sector expertise in one of Village Capital’s target sectors (health, education, energy, agriculture, fintech) and/or regional experience in one of Village Capital’s regions (the US, sub-Saharan Africa, India, or Mexico).
Role Overview
You’ll report to one of the Directors at Village Capital (specific reporting relationship depends on scope of work). You’ll have three specific responsibilities:
1.   Find the best entrepreneurs solving real-world problems
·       You'll help our team develop an investment thesis within your target sector, specifically looking at people, places, and ideas that the market undervalues.
·       We talk to 10,000 entrepreneurs/year, and you’ll help our team develop and curate this pipeline to a small group of the highest-potential companies
·       You’ll personally develop relationships with the most promising entrepreneurs as a relationship lead on behalf of Village Capital.
2.   Improve entrepreneurs’ ability to succeed
·       You’ll play a leading role in developing entrepreneurial potential, serving as a strategic advisor to a small group of companies.
·       You’ll advise on Village Capital’s programming, integrating lessons you’ve learned from your own business; ensuring that we are giving the best entrepreneurs what they need to succeed.
·       You’ll work with our team to recruit a community of customers and investors that will find value in meeting entrepreneurs in our network and helping these businesses reach scale faster.
3.   Invest in the best companies
·       You’ll work with Village Capital’s fund to help entrepreneurs select the best investments.  
·       Help alumni and portfolio companies to recruit executive talent and raise additional rounds on an as-needed basis.

What's in it for you?

    • We want to help you build the network that will help you find the next big thing in your career. You’ll work with dozens of entrepreneurs, investment firms, and corporations, all of whom could benefit from your experience. If you’ve built a company and are wondering, “what’s next for me?” this might be a great fit.
    • We want to help you explore working on the “other side of the table.” You’ve worked with investors as a founder, and are interested in becoming a venture capitalist or working with a venture fund. We’re looking to help you build relationships with people in the investment world.  
    • We want to give you a chance to pay it forward! If you love helping others and teaching them to avoid the mistakes you made along the way, we’d love to pay you to do it.

Desired Qualifications

    • Founder or co-founder of a company in one of Village Capital’s target sectors (health, education, energy, agriculture, fintech) or geographies (US, Mexico, India, sub-Saharan Africa)
    • At least three years’ experience leading the company you founded
    • Proven ability to sell, fundraise, and hire
    • Intellectual curiosity—you’re reading this job description and already have 3-5 revisions, suggestions, or “how about X?”

Location: Flexible
Hours: Part-time (up to 50% time, case-by-case discussion)