Human Capital Manager

Washington, DC
Corporate Ops

Are you excited and intellectually intrigued by the prospect of recruiting, building and operating a high-performing team?

Village Capital is one of the world’s most active startup investors, and as we grow we’re seeking someone to lead development of our team’s own human capital.
Reporting directly to the COO, the Manager will lead four efforts:

1)    Talent recruitment—conducting broad talent searches to ensure we have the best people for the job and continue to build a diverse, dynamic team
2)    People development—designing & formalizing our internal processes to onboard new team members, and provide ongoing training, coaching and support to help our existing team members perform better
3)    Evaluating and improving performance—leading our performance review process and feedback loops.
4)    Design & introduce human capital management innovations – Proactively engage in human capital management industry expertise and trends to incorporate leading practices into company operations.

Role Overview

Reporting to the Chief Operating Officer of Village Capital, the Human Capital Manager will have the following responsibilities:

1. Talent Recruiting

You’ll play a central role in making sure we recruit the best people by:
Work across the organization to design and execute recruitment strategies for new hires within their teams.

·   Hiring. You’ll work across the organization to design and execute recruitment strategies for new hires.
·   Recruiting. You’ll work closely with our communications team to make sure that the best potential employees know about the job.
·   Inclusion. You’ll think creatively about ways we can innovate on the ways we recruit, evaluate and hire talent so that we pick the best person for the job—not just the best-looking resume.
·   Negotiate employment contracts. You’ll work with senior leadership to set compensation levels and negotiate employment contracts with individual employees.
2. Training and Onboarding

The Manager will work to design and orchestrate effective training and onboarding programs that help employees quickly learn the skills and systems required to be successful as well as embrace our norms and culture.

·  Onboarding. You’ll design and lead onboarding process for new employees at all levels, ensuring that employees effectively integrate into company culture and workstreams to ramp up quickly.
·  Training. You’ll help the team reach its full potential by working with team leads to develop ongoing training schedule in business development, investment analysis, curriculum, and other functions essential to the firm
·  Oversee professional development program for all team members. You’ll lead design and implementation of innovative, creative and effective professional development efforts, including firm-wide programs, level- or skill- specific training, and working with team members one-on-one to help them set and achieve individualize growth objectives.
3. Performance Management and Culture

The Manager will provide critical support to managers across the firm as they seek to improve the performance and satisfaction of their teams. 

·    Performance Management. You’ll oversee the performance review and feedback process, including setting individual performance objectives, tracking performance, and implementing corrective support measures as appropriate.
·    Ensure we are creating a great place to work . You’ll lead our assessment of employee satisfaction and well-being by tracking and analyzing weekly metrics on team sentiment.
·    Team-Building. You’ll organize team activities and processes to support an office culture that reflects the firm’s values, with a special focus on connecting employees across offices, countries to build firm unity.
·    Serve as designated HR resource. You’ll serve as a confidential resource and advisor to all employees, and act as designated resource for resolving any workplace conflicts or disputes.
·    Employment administration. You’ll work with senior leadership to determine compensation structure and annual incentives, and manage periodic compensation and incentive reviews with employees
·    Incentive Programs. You’ll identify new opportunities to expand employee benefits and incentives, working closely with the leadership team to evaluate and implement as appropriate.
4. Design & Introduce Human Capital Management (HCM) Innovations

The Manager will be responsible for staying current and engaged in industry-wide conversations around human capital management to bring best practices into the firm.

·      Track Leading Practices. You’ll remain current on key trends around organizing and mobilizing talent through publications, conferences, research and more.
·      Innovation. You’ll have the opportunity to design and experiment with exciting and creative ways of motivating our team to maintain a culture of high performance at every level. Our firm is founded on innovative ideas and new approaches to doing business, and we would like to infuse these principles throughout our internal operations as well. You
·      Contribute to the discussion. Village Capital is a rapidly growing firm with a young, diverse & ambitious workforce, and we believe that we should be contributing to human capital thought leadership, among other areas.