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Islamabad, Pakistan
JAZZ – Technology
Grade: L2

Last date to apply: 14th May 2019

As one of the top employers in the country, Jazz has a set of very strong organizational values, it expects its employees to build a unique culture, a flourishing lifestyle and continuous learning and development. The values all Jazz employees exhibit and expected to practice are being entrepreneurial, innovative, collaborative, customer obsessed and truthful.

Our team & you
We’re a world-class organization and have assembled the right team to begin scaling aggressively. This is an opportunity for someone who wants to be part of something big and transformative, someone who will play a critical role in driving our success and to continue and change the lives of our 57+ million customers.

What the first 30-60-90 days in the job will look like?
-Within 30 days you will:
In First 30 days, you are responsible for learning the following
·        Jazz BSS Echo System
·        External/Internal System Integrations
·        Current CR/Project process
·        Biometric System & it’s working
·        Important Stakeholders.
-Within 60 days, you will:
By the end of 60 days, you need to know the following
·        Biometric System flows.
·        Detailed Network architecture & System design.
·        Requirements and its life cycle.
·        Oversee the implementation of new technology and systems under supervision
-Within 90 days to on wards you will:
After 90 days our new team member will be
·        Identify problems within a business, including through using data modelling techniques
·        Coordinating with internal and external stake holders
·        Designing new solutions.
·        Formulate ways for businesses to improve, based on previous research
·        Leading new BSS initiatives

A bit about us:
We as business analysts are responsible for serving as liaisons between the all the departments and the IS&T organization. We collect, analyze, develop, document, communicate business requirements, and support user testing to achieve business goals.

The structure of the team you will join is:
·       A 10-member team (including the department head) with 02 sub teams.
·       You will be part of a 05-member sub-team reporting to the Manager Solution Delivery.

The two (02) main priorities of the team as a whole are:
·        Collect, Analyze & refine business requirements.
·        Support user testing to achieve business goals. 

The three (03) must have past experiences the best candidate should have.
·        Critical Thinking
·        Problem Solving
·        Communication skills

One must have technology the candidate should have.
·        Software development life cycle
·        Enterprise BSS Solution knowledge

Essential skills must have: 
·        Software Design
·        Analysis
·        Teamwork
·        Software Maintenance
·        Process Improvement
·        Big Picture Thinking
·        Work Well Under Pressure
·        Relationship building
Working at the VEON GROUP demands a high standard of business ethics and adherence to our legal obligations, our values and our Code of Conduct and supporting compliance policies and procedures. Our pioneering spirit is embodied in our values to be customer obsessed, entrepreneurial, innovative, collaborative, and truthful.  Being truthful requires us to act ethically, honestly, and with integrity. 
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