Post Launch Business Analyst (SQL)

Kyiv, Ukraine
Eurasian Hubs – Commercial Hub
Kyivstar, part of Veon Group, extends the team developing Commercial HUB to provide services for 6 Europe, Caucasus and Asian markets.

Our team & you
To continue and change the lives of our 235 million customers. We’re building a world-class product-first organization and assembling the right team to begin scaling aggressively. This is an opportunity for someone who wants to be part of something big and transformative, someone who will play a critical role in driving our success.

This position is in charge of conducting a comprehensive analysis of Company’s commercial activities.
·         Conduct comprehensive analysis of Company’s commercial activities (products, pricing) on regular and ad-hoc basis
·         Ongoing performance tracking of launched initiatives
·         Provide statistics for business case calculation and ad-hoc for deep-dive analysis from DWH
·         Work within commercial analytics team on strategic projects 
·         Provide valuable analytical insights on regular analytical workshops
Desired skills and experience
·         Degree in Finance, Economics, Marketing or Management received from a reputable university
·         At least 2-3 years of relevant experience, preferably, in an international strategy consulting, financial advisory firm, telecom
·         Excellence in MS Office (advanced user of Excel & PowerPoint is a must), knowledge of business intelligence tools
- Experience with MS SQL
·         Strong analytical and data visualization skills
·         Ability to structure and solve complex, ambiguous problems.
- Strong project management, interpersonal, and organizational skills
·         Fluency in English, Ukrainian
A bit about you:
We are looking for someone who is already experienced in SQL data-mining, analytics and creating insights. 
We are looking for someone who has excellent communication skills to be able to advocate/defend the commercial team’s views of what is right—even if it comes to disagreement with project holders—with professionalism, maturity, and a balanced, holistic view of any competing viewpoints, had analytical or marketing background, excellent English (oral and written).
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Ми розуміємо важливість захисту даних Ваших Персональних даних та прагнутимемо використовувати передовий досвід щодо того, як ми працюэмо з такими даними. Наші процеси розроблені таким чином, щоб ми збирали, обробляли, використовували та передавали ці дані відповідно до місцевого законодавства. Натиснувши кнопку "Відгукнутися на вакансію", Ви підтверджуєте, що Ви прочитали, зрозуміли та явно погодилися з нашою Політикою конфіденційності.
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