Enterprise Risk Manager

Islamabad, Pakistan
JAZZ – Finance

Enterprise Risk Manager
Grade: L3
Last Date to Apply: 19th July 2019
As one of the top employers in the country, Jazz has a set of very strong organizational values, it expects its employees to build a unique culture, a flourishing lifestyle and continuous learning and development. The values all Jazz employees exhibit and expected to practice are being entrepreneurial, innovative, collaborative, customer obsessed and truthful.
Our team & you
We’re a world-class organization and have assembled the right team to begin scaling aggressively. This is an opportunity for someone who wants to be part of something big and transformative, someone who will play a critical role in driving our success and to continue and change the lives of our 58+ million customers.
What we have done and what we will do with YOU?
JAZZ has one of the most innovative Finance function in the country which operates in a dynamic challenging environment. JAZZ has implemented SOX controls in the company while it also relies on baseline benchmarking by VEON Group. As an OpCo it has one of the lowest deficiency/delinquency ratios in the VEON Group.
This role will be responsible for identification of potential threats, uncertainties and risks perceived by the organization and development of methodologies to effectively manage existing/potential key risks complying with VEON’s risk appetite framework and reporting standards. The role will be creating a risk awareness culture within Jazz with the responsibilities being carried out with the objective to identify potential risks in advance, analyzing associated factors and taking precautionary steps to reduce/curb the risk, aiming to strategize organization’s key annual strategic/business objectives, goals and required outcomes within the limits of organization’s internal SOPs, KPIs, risk profiling frameworks, rules & regulations of government entities, direction and guidelines from supervisor.
Key responsibilities:
Enterprise Risk Management Reporting
·       Receives instructions and deadlines from VEON to gather substantial content/proof/supporting evidences pertaining to the escalated agenda/focus areas on quarterly basis
·       Conducts interviews with relevant CXOs/Heads of relevant departments for information gathering and identification of potential risk factors
·       Evaluates internal risk management plan & executional framework for each department;
·       Corresponds with management to assess operational/executional parameters taken to mitigate the overall impact of incorporated risks
·       Discusses the implications of a particular risk on financial performance and cash flows of organization
·       Gathers management’s perception pertaining to assumptions of materializing a particular risk
·       Finalizes the probability and departmental/organizational impact of risk with the concerned person in discussion (interviewee);
·       Makes relevant suggestions if any and concludes the process of interviews accordingly
·       Carries out financial impact calculations after conclusion of interviews in coordination with Financial Planning & Analysis team
·       Translates stakeholder’s assumptions onto the business plan to monitor its impact on organization’s business outcomes and financial performance
·       Develops a detailed report on ERM entailing a summary of the impact of top 10 key risk factors/threats challenging the business all in all
·       Shares the report with VEON, ELT, local and regional CEOs/CFOs for approvals
Risk Ethics Assurance Committee
·       Conducts meetings with REAC team comprising of departmental heads of Audit, Compliance, Fraud Management, Revenue Assurance, People Management, Legal, Internal Control, Risk Management, local CEO and CFO on a monthly basis
·       Highlights the current risks, updates on on-going processes, ventures, key strengths, opportunities, departmental targets and performances during discussions with REAC team to create awareness and clarification on any relevant query
·       Informs REAC team about the prospected/potential key risks/threats, implications and changes that have occurred regarding those risks, especially those highlighted in the quarterly generated ERM reports
·       Gathers viewpoints of respective departments as an input from REAC representatives to assess business outcomes against the potential risks
Strategic Projects
·       Gathers updates/trackers on key strategic project from relevant teams
·       Monitors the executional tasks of on-going strategic projects/ initiations/ventures on continuous basis to gauge the strategic impact of projects on business objectives and risk operations
·       Oversees the risk profile of the project to track overall parameters/measures taken for efficient risk management on a regular basis
·       Generates separate reports on organizational strategic ventures/projects on monthly and quarterly basis as per defined deliverable requirements
·       Shares the report with REAC team, VEON and respective top management to highlight strategic objectives/initiatives directly impacting the financial plan and contributing  to achieve operational excellence of the organization all in all
Business Planning Cycle
·       Receive instructions and aligned timelines from VEON to conduct business planning cycle in liaison with Financial Planning & Analysis team
·       States the existing and potential key risks and threats encountered by the organization; Discussions to include the highlighted risks as part of business planning process
·       Requests to provide an experimental scenario to test the implications of key risk factors on the financial plan of the organization, yielding a summarized report on risks assessment
·       Develops the risks and opportunities scenarios of business/financial plan after discussing the assumptions/ hypothesis/ observations incorporated in liaison with Financial Planning team
·       Includes the summarized risk assessment report along with the business plan/financial plan; Shares the plan with VEON and relevant authorities to provide an overview of the business processes, risks and their financial impacts
Regulatory Risk Assessment and Reporting
·       Receives directions and timelines aligned with quarterly risk reports from VEON to assess risks to the organization due to continuous changes in policies & frameworks by government entities, law abiding institutions and other regulatory bodies
·       Categorizes risks in accordance with respective departments and associated government entities prior to discussion with the regulatory team
·       Enquires details pertaining to current rules/regulations, underlying risks and its implications for a particular govt. entity in liaison with regulatory team, and discuss risk propositions for next 6-12 months accordingly
·       Evaluates the financial implications of regulatory environment on organization’s business plan in collaboration with Financial Planning & Analysis team
·       Develops a detailed report on consolidated findings and discussions with d regulatory teams
·       Shares the report with VEON’s regulatory teams
A bit about you:
·       We are looking for someone who with Bachelors in a relevant field with at least 5-6 years of experience in FMCG sector
·       Comprehensive knowledge of Finance, Economics & Commercial Practices
·       General business knowledge and know-how
·       Detailed knowledge of Risk Management, Reporting & Analysis
·       In-depth knowledge of ERM Policies & Procedures
·       Deep understanding of Risk Appetite Statement
·       Expertise in Stakeholder Management
Essential skills for this role:
·       Communication Skills
·       Relationship Management
·       Decision Making & Problem-Solving
·       Analytical Skills
·       Conflict Resolution
·       Detail Oriented
·       Result Oriented
·       Collaborative
·       Enthusiastic
Working at the VEON GROUP demands a high standard of business ethics and adherence to our legal obligations, our values and our Code of Conduct and supporting compliance policies and procedures. Our pioneering spirit is embodied in our values to be customer obsessed, entrepreneurial, innovative, collaborative, and truthful.  Being truthful requires us to act ethically, honestly, and with integrity. 
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