Software Engineer, virtual reality

San Francisco
We’re making holographic video a reality!

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies open exciting new possibilities in communication and entertainment, offering to transform the way we interact with computers, each other, and the world. But there are still technological hurdles to overcome to make truly immersive photo-real content possible. Visby is solving these problems: we are building tools for the creation, manipulation, delivery and consumption of holographic video content. This will not only enable mainstream adoption of VR/AR technologies, but will have wide-ranging impact in many fields, like computer vision. We’re working on deep technology, with broad and immediate reach.

We are looking for experienced software engineers to join us in building these next-generation technologies from the ground up.  We work mostly in C++ and Python, but the only hard requirement is experience shipping code, and an eagerness to learn.  Facility with mathematics is helpful.  You don’t need to be an expert in VR/AR, holography or video; we will help you become one.  Senior and junior positions are available immediately.  Desirable (but by no means required) skills/experience, particularly for senior positions, include:

- DevOps,
- GPU programming,
- parallel/cloud/distributed programming / high-dimensional optimization,
- control theory,
- convolutional neural networks, and/or
- computer vision.

You will be an early hire at a fast-growing (venture-funded) company, so you will define your own position and your role will grow with the company. You will have input into engineering processes and strategy, and will help define the company’s culture.

We are dedicated to a friendly, positive, cooperative and inclusive workplace environment. We value passion and dedication, but also work-life balance: we are generally flexible about hours and telecommuting. We offer competitive pay and benefits. We welcome diversity of personal and professional backgrounds, and hope you can contribute to our supportive culture.