Operations Generalist

San Francisco

We’re building the future of imaging: holographic video!

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies open exciting new possibilities in communication and entertainment, offering to transform the way we interact with computers, each other, and the world.  Visby is putting the real world--photographic content--in VR/AR: we are building tools for the creation, manipulation, delivery and consumption of holographic video.  This will not only enable mainstream adoption of VR/AR technologies, but will have wide-ranging impact in many other fields.  We’re working on deep technology, with broad and immediate reach.  An undertaking of this size requires the confluence of broad array of different skill sets.

We are looking for a motivated, creative and resourceful self-starter to join Visby to lead our operations.  Your responsibilities may include:

- office setup and managing operations,
- contributing to corporate administration, e.g., HR, financial, legal, and/or
- online presence / social media management.

In this role, you will likely be(come) a jack-of-all-trades project manager, with the opportunity to face a wide variety of challenges in all parts of the business.  The primary talents we are seeking are: execution, problem-solving and attention to detail.

As an early hire at a fast-growing (venture-funded) company, your position and role will grow with the company.  You will have a great deal of input into the company's process and strategy, and will help define the company's culture.

We are dedicated to a friendly, positive, cooperative and inclusive workplace environment. We value passion and dedication, but also work-life balance: we are generally flexible about hours and telecommuting. We offer competitive pay and benefits. We welcome diversity of personal and professional backgrounds, and hope you can contribute to our supportive culture.