Senior Full Stack Engineer, Cloud

San Francisco, CA
Design and build services across the Volta Cloud and Web platforms using Postgres, Node, and React, which help us derive new insights from our network of geographically distributed electric-vehicle charging stations.

At Volta we’re on a mission to accelerate the adoption of the electric vehicle. Volta creates city-wide free electric vehicle charging networks in major metropolitan areas. Our charging networks are free-to-use, free to our property partners, and monetized through brand sponsorships and digital media content.

Our company is small, but focused and ambitious. By joining our team, you will have the opportunity to contribute in a number of ways to our Software Engineering department and the evolution of the company itself. For this role, you will own services running in the cloud and on the web. These services will do everything from ingesting data to exposing it on a variety of interfaces like our internal web application and automated reporting mechanisms.

Week to week, all Software Engineers are responsible for breaking down new project requirements into epics and stories, planning out their approach to implementation, and presenting said approach to the team. From that point on we practice lower case agile in a flexible warehouse/office environment. Many different teams work at the office (Media Sales, Operations, etc), and cross-pollination of ideas and conversation is strongly encouraged. Some team members opt to work remotely occasionally to avoid distraction if they have a difficult or large problem to solve.

We run mostly Node.js on AWS and our charging stations, as well as React, React Native on the web and mobile respectively. Postgres lies at the center of our datastores and we are in the process of building out GraphQL APIs to make it more accessible.

Recently, engineers have worked on exposing additional sensor data to our internal dashboard, writing Cloud services that control our chargers, and infrastructure that automatically deploys code over-the-air to our stations (which are connected via a cellular network).


    • Identify ways to optimize data ingestion as our pipeline scales
    • Design, implement, and test services to handle specific functions of our business logic
    • Create novel solutions with Node, Postgres, React, and other tools in our stack through prototyping and case-studies
    • Rapidly prototype and build interfaces to expose data to stakeholders
    • Ideate with other teams in the organization
    • Manage requests from multiple teams
    • Document and share learned technologies or challenging projects


    • Computer Science-type Bachelor’s Degree or demonstrable knowledge of the field
    • 3-5 years relevant working experience
    • Experience with relational data-stores, ideally Postgres
    • Experience with JavaScript and familiarity with >ES5 features
    • Experience or understanding of microservice architectures
    • Familiarity with Amazon Web Services
    • Ability to express technical abilities and limitations to non-technical peersInterest in researching and experimenting with new technologies outside of core responsibilities
    • Comfortable reading source code and passionate about understanding how technologies are implemented
    • Fascination for green technologies and transportation