Software Engineer Intern - Station Software Team - Winter/Spring, 2018

San Francisco

Volta builds city-wide free electric vehicle charging networks in major metropolitan areas, allowing innovative brands to sponsor sustainable infrastructure and reach select audiences with high value content at the same time. The Station Software team is responsible for integrating the station components that have embedded software with the local host computer and wireless network gateway, using and modifying data and control APIs to our backend, and evaluating new components for addition in the future.  We are also responsible for selecting and integrating an updating system for the host computer and associated components.


    • Learn and understand the components of the station and how they interact with each other and our backend.
    • Design and implement appropriate data collection from local sensors and APIs for streaming this data to our cloud backend.
    • Help evaluate IoT software updating solutions and new sensors.
    • Hold architecture and design reviews with other team members.
    • Use and continuously improve our development, deployment, and monitoring practices.


    • Rising junior or senior in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or equivalent.
    • Experience with Linux and shell scripting.
    • Practical coding experience on a project is a plus.
    • Interest in green technologies and transportation.
    • Work well independently and collaboratively as part of a team.

Interns are responsible for their own relocation expenses.