Senior Back-End Engineer (Javascript, Python)

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As a Senior Back-End Engineer, you will be responsible for the backend infrastructure, performance, stability, and scaling of user-facing dApps. You will work closely with smart contract, protocol, and front-end engineers, as well as DeFi strategists and AI Researchers. You will bridge the constraints posed by web-scale applications, AI applications, and blockchain technology. As an early employee, you will be a critical part of our core team and significantly influence the company's direction.


    • Design and implement AI endpoints and support infrastructure for proprietary models.
    • Maintain the backend infrastructure for Volume’s Defi dApps, Bots, and AI models.
    • Work with LLMs (e.g., Llama3) to enhance AI capabilities with user-specific context.
    • Develop and maintain data management dashboards for user interaction and context control.
    • Maintain services and scripts for the marketing team infrastructure with Mixpanel, Storyblock, and Discourse.
    • Write high-quality, reusable, and well-tested code to meet our company goals.
    • Demonstrate security and secret management across numerous services. 


    • Excellent JavaScript skills 
    • Excellent Python skills
    • Degree in Computer Science
    • Experience with Node.js, Docker, DBMS technology including postgresSQL and SQLlite and caching mechanisms such as Redis, Memcache  
    • In-depth understanding of the Python software development stacks, ecosystems, frameworks, and tools such as Numpy, Scipy, Pandas, Dask, spaCy, NLTK, sci-kit-learn, and PyTorch.
    • AI/LLMs: Experience with large language models and prompt engineering.
    • Familiarity with blockchain governance or enthusiasm to learn.
    • Team player and are comfortable reviewing others' code and implementing feedback from others on your work.  
    • Exceptional communication skills.
    • Comfortable with asynchronous written communication, synchronous video calls, pair programming, etc.  

Nice to have

    • Good Rust skills
    • Proficient knowledge of Go 
$175,000 - $300,000 a year