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Voodoo is a Tech company that creates and publishes hyper-casual and casual mobile games for a wide audience. It is the worldwide leader in the mobile game market through snackable, innovative and creative content combining data and new technologies.

The company raised $200M in 2018 and more recently, Tencent has become a minority stakeholder in Voodoo, with a role in framing our strategy to dominate the Asia Pacific region.

#1 worldwide in mobile game downloads, and regularly at the top of the App Store rankings, our games have about 300 million monthly active users and more than 4.4 billion downloads since our creation. Voodoo is one of the most impressive examples of hypergrowth in the ecosystem, having multiplied its turnover by 5 over the past few years.

With more than 300 employees around the world, we are hereby inviting you to join an ambitious, innovative and international company!

What is Voodoo’s Culture all about?
We recruit passionate and creative profiles, who combine data and new technologies to disrupt the mobile market. Driven by a test-and-learn culture, we welcome wonderfully talented people wishing to undertake and manage unique, ambitious and challenging projects.

Before applying, you need to know that the company’s Culture is very important to us. Our employees evolve within an environment designed to be a centre for fulfillment. Daily life at Voodoo is characterised by numerous events throughout the year that allow you to feel fully integrated into the team and get involved in creative and innovative projects. Among them: onboarding programs, our annual global summit, other company-wide events, hackathons, game jams, wellness events and more.

What will be your main challenges?
We are looking for a talented Back End Developer with a good understanding of the casual mobile game market to help the team deliver fun, innovative, and entertaining games! You will need to have a good understanding of the mobile game market and an expertise on back end game developing. You will ensure everything runs, is scalable and solid on the back end scope (the architecture, the data structure, the online saves, the in app purchase, etc.). You will work on our upcoming, fun and highly scalable mobile games, played by millions of people

- Write robust code to be used by millions of users
- Capable of managing a project from the definition of the requirements to the delivery.
- Analyse, design and develop feature requirements for the games
- Act as a bridge to develop and maintain connected games
- Communicate and implement game features in game client and servers alike
- Participate in reviewing and optimising processes and codebases
- Mastery of the client-server architecture principles
- Knowledge of the main communication protocols, network topologies, network components and their configuration

You will have full ownership of your role allowing you to be unique and continuously strive for excellence to deliver innovative and creative projects.
What is your team about? 
Our casual team mission is to deliver a fresh and unique mobile experience on the market for the casual audience, by identifying and creating our own segment where, with Voodoo’s expertise, we can be the leaders. Join a great small, helpful, and creative team passionate about mobile gaming!
Work closely with several experts: game designers, developers and product managers to maximise efficient prototyping, making people enjoy our games so much that they won’t be able to stop playing!  

What do we expect? 
- You have creative and hacker mindset
- You have at least 3 years of professional experience on Unity or other game engines
- You have experience in Backend development. 
- You have experience with 3rd party online providers for mobile games such as Playfab, Gamesparks, etc. 
- A strong understanding of client/server environments
- Solid Knowledge of concurrency and multithreading
- A love for high performance and complex problems analysis
- Track record with successful mobile games
- You speak and write English

What do we offer for this role?
Competitive salary (of course) ⧫ Bonus ⧫ Free shares ⧫ Remote days⧫ Lunch card ⧫ Wellness activities ⧫ Hackathon ⧫ Seminars ⧫ Global Summit

The salary will depend on the experience and skills a candidate brings to the position. The Voodoo Career Path is available for all employees, with management and expert tracks outlining the transparent salary ranges available to all our employees.

What is our recruitment process?
Our recruitment process typically includes a call with our recruitment team, as well as interviews with your future manager and team members focusing on job fit.  We will focus on your soft skills through values fit interview that will determine if your values are compatible with ours. Our CEO is very much involved in the recruitment process, that is why on occasion he will also meet candidates as a last step. Lastly, our test and case studies culture is an integral part of the recruitment process and will feature at some point in your process.

Does this sound like it was written with you in mind? Excellent! Put in your application and let’s discuss the possibilities!