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VotingWorks is a non-partisan non-profit founded on the powerful idea that the operating system of our democracy should be publicly owned. Every citizen’s vote is sacred, and every citizen deserves evidence that our elections are free and fair.

Forty states use voting machines that are over ten years old. Their technology is outdated, their source code proprietary and their security vulnerabilities have been described in detail by the security community over many years. It’s not surprising that 76% of voters are concerned that our elections are vulnerable to hacking. And if voters lose trust in elections, then the very foundation of our democracy is at risk.

We’re using open-source software, off-the-shelf hardware, and modern product engineering to make elections dramatically safer, more accessible, and more affordable. Affordability may sound pedestrian, but it is key. The front line of America’s election security rests in the hands of the 50% of US counties that struggle to afford basic services, let alone upgrade aging voting equipment.


We are builders. We don’t just believe in the publicly owned operating system of democracy, we’re building it. We believe in voting machines that delight voters, election officials, and security experts. And we’re building them. We believe election officials need the right software to audit their elections. And we’re building that, too. We’re building the tools to help the public gain confidence that our elections are run well.

If you’re like us, you’ve been thinking about the myriad problems and rough edges of our democracy for a while. We’ve decided that talking about it isn’t enough - we must do something.


We work as a small, tight-knit team. We’re a flat organization when it comes to ideas and input, and we believe in good management, even as a small organization, so that every VotingWorks team member gets regular feedback, guidance, and an opportunity for tremendous personal growth. We strive to be both confident in the skills and knowledge we each bring and humble in our interactions with each other and other stakeholders in the election space.


Ever since we first started, we’ve been building voting equipment from Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) hardware and open source software. Production for us doesn’t look like soldering wires or managing third party fabrication plants. Instead, you’ll own our supply chain, installing software on the hardware we receive, and assembling, packaging and shipping our products as well as inventory management and returns. Pilots are an important part of our pre-sales motion, so you’ll manage all of these functions for the assembly, shipment, and return of units that are not sold but simply being tested out by customers in the field.

You’ll need to manage the layout and tooling of our assembly plant and warehouse, coordinate with sales to estimate the requirements for our inventory of component parts, manage our supplier relationships and ensure we have an adequate supply of components, hand assemble machines when volume is light and hire and manage contractors when volume is heavy, QA the machines you’ve built, price, ship and track delivery on orders sent out, and implement and manage an inventory tracking system.

You know that the seasonality of voting machine sales means that assembly work will be uneven and you’re as comfortable doing assembly yourself in the lower periods as you are managing a team of contractors when volume increases. You're also excited to be part of a start-up, which often means wearing many hats. You're comfortable learning about and working on operations challenges at VotingWorks outside the scope of production, although you'll continue to view production as your highest priority.

You’re extremely organized and you have great attention to detail. You know that a single misconfigured or missing part can wreak havoc on election day. Voting equipment by design is offline so it is more difficult for third parties to attack, but this means that our visibility and ability to help when things go wrong on election day is limited. As a result you have tremendous faith in checklists and a rigorous quality control program and you’re eager to create, manage, and maintain both. 

You’re a pessimist / realist about the ability of shipping companies to deliver on time and as a result you always push for slack in the schedule so that our customers are not left hanging.


    • Learn the ins and outs of our assembly plant in San Francisco.
    • Build and ship voting equipment.


    • Catalog all of our inventory in our assembly plant in San Francisco, in staging locations outside of California, and in our customers’ hands and begin implementing an inventory management system.
    • Order parts from our suppliers.
    • Collaborate with our customer success team to ensure that all equipment shipped passes customer acceptance testing.


    • Manage a period of peak equipment production volume requiring that the people, processes, and equipment that you’ve used for smaller deployments can scale to larger deployments and multiple deployments simultaneously.
    • Collaborate with our security researchers to pioneer the installation of software on voting machines with trusted boot.
    • Create a system for procuring gear with the VotingWorks logo and sending to donors, employees, partners, and customers.
    • Take pride in the fact that you’re playing a key role in helping modernize obsolete voting systems so that voters can vote securely on paper created and tabulated by open source equipment.

We're a fully distributed organization, but for this role you'll need to work in San Francisco, where we assemble our equipment.

You'll need to regularly lift items weighing up to 50 lbs.


We’re a fully distributed organization, which means that for most roles you can work from anywhere in the United States. We offer a flexible work schedule and we're on board with schedule flexibility: more than half of us have kids, and we enjoy attending their various extracurricular events. With flexibility comes responsibility: you should be comfortable with significant autonomous work.


We’re a non-profit, so we compensate in cash and benefits exclusively. We won’t pay you as much as a big for-profit, but we’ll still pay you a very fair salary and competitive benefits. Compensation is commensurate with your skills and experience.


We never discriminate on the basis of sex, gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, background, ability/disability or really anything that isn’t about your skills.

We strive to go beyond that: we want to build a diverse organization that truly represents the people of the United States of America. We especially want to encourage women and members of under-represented groups to apply.