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VotingWorks is a non-partisan non-profit founded on the powerful idea that the operating system of our democracy should be publicly owned. Every citizen’s vote is sacred, and every citizen deserves evidence that our elections are free and fair.

Forty states use voting machines that are over ten years old. Their technology is outdated, their source code proprietary and their security vulnerabilities have been described in detail by the security community over many years. It’s not surprising that 76% of voters are concerned that our elections are vulnerable to hacking. And if voters lose trust in elections, then the very foundation of our democracy is at risk.

We’re using open-source software, off-the-shelf hardware, and modern product engineering to make elections dramatically safer, more accessible, and more affordable. Affordability may sound pedestrian, but it is key. The front line of America’s election security rests in the hands of the 50% of US counties that struggle to afford basic services, let alone upgrade aging voting equipment.


We are builders. We don’t just believe in the publicly owned operating system of democracy, we’re building it. We believe in voting machines that delight voters, election officials, and security experts. And we’re building them. We believe election officials need the right software to audit their elections. And we’re building that, too. We’re building the tools to help the public gain confidence that our elections are run well.

If you’re like us, you’ve been thinking about the myriad problems and rough edges of our democracy for a while. We’ve decided that talking about it isn’t enough - we must do something.


We work as a small, tight-knit team. We’re a flat organization when it comes to ideas and input, and we believe in good management, even as a small organization, so that every VotingWorks team member gets regular feedback, guidance, and an opportunity for tremendous personal growth. We strive to be both confident in the skills and knowledge we each bring and humble in our interactions with each other and other stakeholders in the election space.


Hand marked paper ballots with central scan is the most affordable way to run elections, offers local election administrators the most control over scanning and tabulation, and future proofs a jurisdiction in preparation for the rise in vote by mail. One of our top strategic priorities is spreading the gospel of hand marked paper central scan in Texas, a state with over 16 million voters, and barely 10% of jurisdictions set up that way today.

We need to find an experienced Texas thought leader to lead our work in Texas. We’re looking for someone who has personally experienced the joys and economics of hand marked paper central scan, whether as a state or local election official in Texas or as someone who has worked for a voting system vendor in Texas and is excited to shepherd more jurisdictions down that path.

Your role is guaranteed to evolve over time. At first, your only goal is to find our first pilot jurisdiction in Texas - either a jurisdiction that already does hand marked paper central scan and wants to upgrade its equipment or one that is moving to this configuration for the first time. This pilot jurisdiction will be the definition of an early adopter, a jurisdiction that marches to its own beat, that understands its problems and is willing to take on some risk in order to solve them. At VotingWorks we’ve done this once before in Mississippi and we are ready to help you roll out the playbook a second time. 

Once you’ve found the pilot jurisdiction, you’ll refocus your mission to scale our customer base in Texas. At this stage you’ll be augmented by several teammates in inside sales and success who will help you hit statewide goals.

If your most recent experience is as a state or local election official, you may not have done this job before. That’s fine. We’re experienced with sales methods and operations. We’ll teach you. What we can’t replicate is the trust you’ve already built with a network of local election officials in Texas. That, along with your optimism, humility, curiosity, attention to detail, and hard work will be the key ingredient of your success.


    • Segment every Texas county by their readiness to adopt a new central count voting system
    • Collect / verify contact information for all counties in promising counties
    • Make initial outreach to the most promising counties


    • Have reached out to every Texas county that is potentially ready to adopt a new voting system
    • Identified several counties that are our best bets for pilots and begun creating a plan with them
    • Gathered product feedback so that the VotingWorks system is well suited to the needs of Texas


    • Have launched a voting system pilot in our first Texas county, or have lined up all steps to do so pending Texas certification.
    • Have a waitlist of counties eager to become the second county to use our system
    • Have a detailed forecast of the readiness of all additional eligible counties in Texas

Although we're a fully distributed organization, for this role you'll need to work in Texas.


We’re a fully distributed organization, which means that for most roles you can work from anywhere in the United States. We offer a flexible work schedule and we're on board with schedule flexibility: more than half of us have kids, and we enjoy attending their various extracurricular events. With flexibility comes responsibility: you should be comfortable with significant autonomous work.


We’re a non-profit, so we compensate in cash and benefits exclusively. We won’t pay you as much as a big for-profit, but we’ll still pay you a very fair salary and competitive benefits. Compensation is commensurate with your skills and experience.


We never discriminate on the basis of sex, gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, background, ability/disability or really anything that isn’t about your skills.

We strive to go beyond that: we want to build a diverse organization that truly represents the people of the United States of America. We especially want to encourage women and members of under-represented groups to apply.