Motion Planning Engineer

Santa Clara, California

Crucial to our mission is motion planning. To travel from A to B requires a series of decision making and motion planning in the chaotic world of urban driving, and we need world-class engineers to work on this key problem.

What we look for

    • You have real-world experience of developing robotic systems and have deep familiarity with the whole stack of high-level decision making, motion planning, and low-level control.
    • Prior hands-on experience in deploying motion planning/control algorithms on robotic and/or autonomous vehicle systems.

Core skills

    • Strong background in data structures and algorithms
    • Working knowledge and practical application of robotic path planning, motion planning algorithms (A*, sampling-based motion planners, lattice-based planners,  etc.)
    • Understanding of vehicle dynamics, modeling and system identification techniques
    • Experience with programming in C/C++ for real-time applications on Linux platforms
    • Experience with programming in scripting languages (e.g., Python)
    • Experience with software engineering tools (e.g., Git, CMake, CI, gdb,etc)
    • Desire to work in a fast-paced startup environment


    • Knowledge of Robot Operating System (ROS)
    • Familiarity with decision making algorithms via dynamic programming
    • Familiarity with trajectory optimization, model predictive control and advanced control techniques