Motion Planning Engineer

Santa Clara, California

Crucial to our mission is motion planning. To travel from A to B requires a series of decision making and motion planning in the chaotic world of urban driving, and we need world-class engineers to work on this key problem.

What we look for

    • You will be the first engineer to own our motion planning algorithms, with the aim to navigate unforeseen circumstances flawlessly.
    • You have real-world experience of developing robotic systems and have deep familiarity with the whole stack of high-level decision making, motion planning, and low-level control.
    • Ideally you’ve handled complex traffic interactions and negotiations in a previous life.
    • A love for the classic planning techniques, domains like A*, RRTs, probabilistic planning and more.
    • A want to embrace future, scaleable planning techniques with deep learning: LSTMs, reinforcement learning and more.
    • This is not a solved problem: we hope you’re comfortable with being uncomfortable!
    • We believe machine learning has a huge role to play in motion planning. Bonus points if you’re comfortable in this world.
    • Experience with ROS is preferred, though not required.