Machine Learning Specialist

Santa Clara, California

Machine intelligence and autonomous vehicles go hand in hand, and will one day soon free humans from the need to drive vehicles. With our production taxi service deployments, our data collection ability has grown substantially. This data is waiting for world-class machine learning engineers to build revolutionary algorithms that finally bring self-driving taxis to the world.

What we look for

    • We don't care about degrees
    • Help pioneer the future of machine learning inside self-driving cars! We're in search of creative engineers who aren't afraid of failing over and over again until they get it right
    • Experience in computer vision
    • Show us what you've built before. Previous experience training your own deep neural networks a must, preferably previously in an automotive stack. Think CNNs, RNNs, bayesian inference, one-shot learning and more
    • Experience deploying production machine learning models a plus, strong Python knowledge a must
    • Entrepreneurs wanted! Help us build and lead this team