Senior Security Engineer - Infrastructure

Boston, MA
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At Wasabi, we’re a proven collection of pioneers, visionaries and disruptive doers. We see things differently than our competitors, and we make our mark in the industry by challenging the norm and delivering the unexpected and improbable. We’re a fast-growing company taking the Cloud Storage industry by storm and recognized as one of the best places to work in Boston. 
Wasabi hot cloud storage is a new class and category of cloud storage, breaking all traditional barriers and boundaries of storage with a disruptive value proposition of being 1/5th the cost of AWS S3, faster than the competition, with no fees for egress or API request and delivered as a single-tier solution. Cloud storage has never been so simple, so fast and so inexpensive. It’s all part of our vision to make cloud storage the next great global utility, just like electricity.

Role Description: Senior Security Engineer - Infrastructure
Role Background:
As a DevSecOps Engineer at Wasabi Technologies, you will be responsible for ensuring the security of our cloud storage platform, improving our security posture from the development cycle through production in our data centers around the world. You will help evaluate, deploy, configure, and maintain components of our security stack. Your expertise You will also collaborate with our development and ops teams to help ensure the security of our infrastructure and deployment pipelines.
At Wasabi, we build and maintain our entire infrastructure, starting with rack space and power, to networking, Kubernetes clusters and workloads. Your experience with cloud security in AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud is extremely relevant, but this will be a different set of challenges.

*Principals Only. No Recruiters.


    • Implementation and upkeep of container security solutions and stack, involving image scanning, static analysis, dependency analysis, and other components within Continuous Integration pipelines.
    • Implement, develop, Identify, Integrate, Communicate and maintain security controls automation and Security Operations.
    • Oversight, maintenance, and advancement of vulnerability management systems, utilizing a combination of in-house tools and third-party resources.
    • Collaboration with the security team to evaluate, prioritize, scrutinize, and formulate solutions for vulnerabilities identified in Linux and application ecosystems (including go and JavaScript). Additionally, employing Terraform, Ansible, Python, and go to design and implement new services.
    • Collaborative effort with fellow security professionals and DevOps engineers to devise and implement security strategies and best practices.
    • Sustaining and elevating our SIEM platform for improved efficacy and efficiency.
    • Staying abreast of emerging security threats and trends to ensure up-to-date knowledge.


    • 5+ years DevOps tool expertise and industry best practices. Regulatory background preferred (FedRAMP, DoD, HIPAA).
    • 2+ years of SIEM experience, with additional regulatory exposure being beneficial. Compulsory expertise in Kubernetes and infrastructure security.
    • Experience with security technologies/products including firewalls, intrusion detection/prevention systems, endpoint protection, vulnerability scanners, as well as in Kubernetes and infrastructure security.
    • Hands-on experience with Okta and HashiCorp Vault.
    • Implementation of Identity and Access Management systems, along with a preferred level of familiarity with HashiCorp Vault.
    • Practical experience in Linux fundamentals, system administration, package management, adeptness with security tools, and hands-on TCP/IP networking expertise.
    • Relevant security certifications (CISSP, CKS, CEH, GIAC) a plus.
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