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Boston, MA
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At Wasabi, we’re a proven collection of pioneers, visionaries and disruptive doers. We see things differently than our competitors, and we make our mark in the industry by challenging the norm and delivering the unexpected and improbable. We’re a fast-growing company taking the Cloud Storage industry by storm and recognized as one of the best places to work in Boston. 
Wasabi hot cloud storage is a new class and category of cloud storage, breaking all traditional barriers and boundaries of storage with a disruptive value proposition of being 1/5th the cost of AWS S3, faster than the competition, with no fees for egress or API request and delivered as a single-tier solution. Cloud storage has never been so simple, so fast and so inexpensive. It’s all part of our vision to make cloud storage the next great global utility, just like electricity.

Role Description: Principal Software Engineer - Platform 
Role Purpose: 

Wasabi is seeking a Principal Software engineer to join the Platform Software Development Group. The Platform Team is in many ways the foundation of our product. We hold everything up! We are looking for someone who can tackle bigger issues on their own in diverse areas such as Kubernetes, security, ceph, monitoring stacks, DBs and DevOp. We write services and tools mostly in Golang, but often utilize a variety of cutting edge solutions to build the product and assist other teams in their goals. Being able to integrate something you may never have seen before in a secure, scalable manner is part of the job. 

Work on platform-level problems and bring scalable solutions to fruition. A problem solver able to work independently yet engage with other team members in architecting solutions to problems. Needs to be willing and able to assist others! Understanding hardware and the kernel really strengthens a potential candidate. Being able to write a clear document with the target audience in mind is important. 

Overall, we in Platform are a diverse and fun-loving group not afraid to tell it like it is. 

*Principals Only. No Recruiters.


    • Work with a highly productive agile team helping define and build our global product.
    • Able to work independently on new things you may have little previous knowledge about, but will succeed by drawing on your previous experience to get it done.
    • Write clean, efficient, scalable, secure and maintainable code in addition to tests and documentation.
    • Contribute to new features and functionality as well as identify and resolve defects.
    • Maintain a consistent level of communication.
    • Assist developers in and outside the Platform Team to help them achieve their goals.


    • 7+ years of software development experience 
    • Excellent knowledge of Linux with a very good understanding of at least 7 of the following: 
    • Networking and Routing 
    • Kubernetes CNIs 
    • Proxmox, OpenNebula, Kubernetes, containerd 
    • Ansible 
    • Terraform 
    • Monitoring stack elements such as Prometheus, Loki, Grafana, etc 
    • LDAP and authentication 
    • Proper test methodogy for highly scalable systems 
    • DNS 
    • DHCP and PXE technologies 
    • Bash 
    • Postgres 
    • Security with cloud-based products 
    • Experience with Agile software development principles and methodologies 
    • Possess a good attitude and a “team-first” mentality  
    • Bonus:
    • Previous experience in a cloud storage environment 
Wasabi Technologies is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We prohibit discrimination and harassment of any kind based on race, color, sex, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, genetic information, pregnancy, or any other protected characteristic as outlined by federal, state, or local laws.