Software Engineer - Backend

San Francisco, California
Watchful is the world's first data platform for unstructured data. We see a growing need to address the massive amounts of data that isn't easily managed by classical "Extract-Transform-Load" pipelines. Instead of ETL, we're promoting SFD - Stream, Filter, Drain. Our engineering team is responsible for building a high performance, reliable distributed system that can run anywhere, process petabytes per day, and have little to no impact on latency. Our goal is to provide a powerful platform to separate signal from noise from any data in motion. We are trying to change the way people think about building and deploying applications that use data, and have started by working with some of the largest companies (and government agencies) in the world. 

We are backed by some of the best investors in tech - Quest Venture Partners, FF VC, Haystack, and Recursive Ventures, and we’re currently hiring engineers to join our focused team. We already have a beta product out and several customers, and are aggressively expanding our install base. SWEs who join us can expect to work with an extremely interesting technology stack (Clojure/Rust), touch exotic environments (our first installation was on a government supercomputer), and solve deep pains for our users across a number of verticals.

We're looking for experienced backend engineers to build new features and improve the performance and reliability of our platform as we focus on rapid expansion. Backend engineers build the persistent components in Watchful that are designed to handle massive data throughput on practically any underlying infrastructure (cloud/baremetal/exotic hardware).

As a company, we focus on having a healthy work-life balance and supporting an environment where the best ideas win, regardless of who came up with them. Our team is passionate about both self and team improvement, and we’ve cultivated a supportive culture that gets results.

About You

    • You have a strong ethos for all things reproducible/testable
    • You have deep system design experience
    • You have an algorithmic background and can lead technical architecture discussions on deeply involved topics
    • You have experience using at least one distributed data storage system in a team environment (i.e: Kafka)
    • You have experience building reliable & safe distributed systems
    • You have an itch to write beautiful, testable code to allow others on your team to move fast
    • Bonus: You have experience with Clojure and/or Rust
    • Bonus: You have written code for high performance/performance sensitive environments

This is a role at an early stage startup, so you'll have opportunities to work on very high-impact projects and have significant ownership of the product. You’ll get some face time with customers should you want it. We believe that the best way to build something great is to really feel the user's pain. Finally, you'll help make both our product and our company's processes more scalable, reliable, and easier to use.