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WatchGuard embraces a Flexible Work Philosophy. Most of our employees can choose to work from the office, at home, or any combination of the two. We’ve built a global workforce of outstanding team members and a flexible culture built on trust, collaboration, and belonging.


You have a solid experience designing and implementing effective solutions with different technologies. You strive to understand the needs of customers, perfecting them and making a detailed design to develop the required functionalities. You provide advanced knowledge in programming practices and continuous integration processes, which will be at the service of the team, encouraging collaboration with your colleagues, actively listening and valuing diversity in points of view as key skills to reach agreements from assertiveness and responsibility. You are curious and open to continuous learning staying up to date with new technologies.


The Collective Intelligence platform is a strategic piece of the endpoint protection model that Watchguard offers its customers. In this Big Data platform, billions of events that we receive from our clients are processed daily and in real time with a single purpose, to protect them from cyberattacks, in a security model delivered as a service.

As a senior developer of the IC Platforms team, you will play a key role in taking this vision of protection further, facing the challenges always posed by cyber threats and attackers. Your contribution, from string experience and extensive programming capabilities, will be key to accelerating our strategy to expand the capabilities of our platform.  Your professional maturity will allow you to be autonomous in the performance of your duties, so you will lead projects to achieve objectives, defining and implementing the steps to meet them within the established deadlines and following the quality standards that characterize our brand.  You will have a constructive spirit with an attitude of wanting to learn and demonstrate what you have learned. You will show strong time organization skills, finding the most efficient way to accomplish tasks according to the given schedule, being careful and detailed.  As the ultimate owners of the software we develop, we take care of it once deployed on the platform, so you will actively participate in resolving incidents, identifying problems and proposing solutions to solve them.

You will be part of a high-performance team with extensive experience in the development of software and bigdata solutions, working perfectly coordinated, enjoying the successes achieved and providing support when neccesary. For this reason, we want to incorporate an extremely motivated, committed person, with a great capacity for adaptation and results-oriented, who must take advantage of all technological resources, for the design and development of effective and high performance solutions. We count on you to open doors to opportunities and constantly exceed goals and expectations. Here’s what that will look like:

Within a month, you will…

Manage the team's tools, systems, methods, and ways of working that allow you to communicate seamlessly with team members.

Understand the challenge represented by the amount of data generated daily, receiving training that allows you to contribute ideas to improve the process.

Within 3 months, you will…

Review user stories led by other people on the team, which will help you learn about established forms and workflows.

Participate in the resolution of incidents in a collaborative and guided way, which will allow you to establish the knowledge acquired and be able to propose ideas for the improvement of processes.

Participate in workshops to ensure the quality of a system that will help you adopt best practices within software development.

Within 6 months, you will:

Successfully lead projects, actively participating in the definition and estimation of tasks. Meet the expected delivery dates and keep the team informed of possible delays, helping to establish the necessary actions to achieve their execution.

Participate in the definition and review of standards and methodologies applicable to the design and implementation of code, helping to unify software development.

Design test plans to measure the quality of the developed software, reducing the number of incidents in production.

Optimize the performance of the developed software, by performing stress tests, obtaining solutions capable of processing hundreds of thousands of data in seconds.

Detect opportunities to include them in the continuous improvement system.


Each day you will participate with the team, in a daily meeting to review the key priorities of the day, indicating what was completed the previous day, what remains to be addressed, and if there is any impediment to its achievement. You will focus on your tasks, setting times throughout the day to take breaks to help you relax, unwind and recharge. You will communicate with your manager constantly, giving feedback on the status of your tasks, as well as the difficulties that may be encountered. You will request and provide support to other team members, scheduling meetings so as not to interrupt moments of concentration.  

Every 2 weeks, you will participate in an estimation meeting with the Product Owner and the rest of the team, where new user stories will be presented and they will be estimated for the next sprints. You will show the Watchguard team and the rest of the teams the tasks you have achieved, solving any doubts that may arise during it.  

At Watchguard we attach great importance to the development of people and we believe in the importance of stopping to reflect and self-observing to, from there, draw personal action plans. For this reason, every 4 weeks, you will participate in a workshop that will serve to grow in different skills and/or knowledge..  

You will reflect with your manager on where you are and where you want to be, setting goals and building action plans that bring you closer to achieving it.  

You will participate in a retrospective with the rest of the team, analyzing the last 4 weeks of work, sharing what you think has worked and should be maintained, such as what should be improved, proposing ideas or actions to achieve it.  

You will spend time researching or training in interesting technologies for the growth of the platform, such as designing and implementing processes that automate or improve procedures, eliminating repetitive tasks that facilitate the daily work of the team.

Technologies of interest

Java, C#, SQL, .NET, .NETCore, Spring, REST, Git, Gradle, SQLServer, HBase, Kafka, Redis, Flink, ClickHouse, Cassandra, ElasticSearch, Kibana, Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins, AWS development, Scrum, AzureDevOps.
Why Work for WatchGuard?

WatchGuard is a global leader in network security and intelligence, advanced endpoint protection, multi-factor authentication, and secure Wi-Fi. Our award-winning products and services are trusted worldwide by more than 18,000 security resellers and service providers to protect more than 250,000 customers. Our technology keeps our customers ahead of increasingly sophisticated hackers and has fueled record revenues at WatchGuard.
WatchGuard is headquartered in Seattle, Washington, with team members working remotely and in offices worldwide.
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