Data Science Intern

Redwood City, CA
Research + Data Science
At Wealthfront, we have an ambitious vision to optimize and automate all your personal finances. By delivering our service exclusively through software, we can also offer very low fees and account minimums. Over the past six years, our clients have rewarded us with $13 billion to manage and we have attracted some of the best venture capital firms in the business including Benchmark Capital, Greylock, Index Ventures and Social Capital. We recently closed a $75 million round of funding from Tiger Global and are rapidly growing our team. So if you're passionate about helping people secure their ambitions while helping to transform an industry, keep reading.

As a data science intern in Wealthfront’s Research organization, you’ll be responsible for improving the quality of our internal decisions or creating data products to help our consumers make better financial decisions using the vast amounts of data available to Wealthfront such as consumer financial transactions in linked accounts and consumer behavior on our site. Your work generates tools and insights that inform product and business decisions across the company (teams, senior management and clients) and across the idea lifecycle, from ideation and estimation to launch and iteration. Previous intern projects have a track record of being self-contained, technically savvy, contributing code to deployed systems, and influencing our product roadmap.

You’ll be joining a team of highly experienced product managers and engineers that have worked on products at LinkedIn, Facebook, Google, Twitter, eBay, and Apple. This is an opportunity to learn from some of the most experienced operators in the startup world and to further an important and meaningful mission.


    • Work closely with cross-functional teams of product managers and engineers, translating open-ended business issues into data questions, identifying practical approaches including A/B testing to answer them, and carrying out timely and well-documented analyses that influence our product and company strategy.
    • Design and develop data products to assist consumers with decisions around investments, financial planning, and advice.
    • Continuously look for, and execute upon, opportunities to improve the quality of our data, our infrastructure and our products.
    • Understand and communicate a holistic picture of the business to the company.
    • Promote the automation of repetitive tasks and the creation of tools over one-off analyses, making your insights available to anyone that can benefit from them.


    • You subscribe to Wealthfront’s mission and can articulate the reasons why.
    • You have read about Wealthfront and have an understanding of our investment product that optimizes passive investing, business model and key metrics.
    • You are able to access, transform, visualize, and model datasets with minimal engineering support, and communicate your results verbally and in writing.
    • You can prioritize and edit your own work.
    • You care about producing reproducible work and have picked up tools to this end.
    • You have strong opinions, weakly held, on relevant subjects such as deep learning, experimental design, data visualization and behavioral economics.
    • You appreciate the tradeoff between technical complexity and the incremental impact over parsimonious approaches.
    • You can present something that you have built firsthand and are proud of (e.g., school project, thesis, independent project).
    • You are currently learning something outside of your immediate line of work.
    • Programming competency in Python, R, and SQL is a plus.
    • Strong background in machine learning, statistics, or applied math.
    • You will graduate in approximately a year and will seriously consider industry jobs, not just academia.
About Wealthfront

Wealthfront pioneered the category today known as “robo-advisors” when the company launched its automated investment service in 2011. Today, we manage over $12 billion for our clients and have expanded our service to offer free financial planning to anyone as well as cash management solutions with our recently launched FDIC insured Cash Account.

But we’re not done there. Our vision is to optimize and automate all of their clients’ finances, and build Self-Driving Money™️. We want clients to be able to automatically deposit their paycheck into their Wealthfront account and take care of the rest -- paying their bills, topping off their emergency fund or 401(k) and investing the rest based on their specific goals and lifestyle. To get there, we’ll be focusing the bulk of our efforts on reinventing the way we currently bank in the U.S. in 2019. The banking industry is one of the most non-client centric industries in existence and we hope you join us to flip the script and rebuild it from the ground up.