[2020-2021] Middle School Teaching Opportunities

East Harlem: PK-8
DREAM Charter Schools
DREAM Charter School is a part of DREAM (formerly known as DREAM Charter School and Harlem RBI), an innovative educational and youth development organization serving over 2,500 East Harlem and South Bronx youth by providing free, high-quality summer and after-school programs to youth ages 5-22 years in an intensive multi-year commitment that connects youth and families to age-appropriate programs and passionate professional staff over time.

Dream is currently looking for teachers in all subjects - who combine the ability to motivate and educate, who develop academic as well as character skills, and who make college preparatory education relevant both now and for the future. 

DREAM East Harlem Middle School opened in the 2008 and serves grades 6-8. We are a relatively small middle school community, offering 2 sections per grade level. We strive for a team oriented environment, focusing on a teaching structure based on social & emotional learning. We value family and community engagement, while pushing for a great student experience.

Roles and Responsibilities:

    • Teaching and Planning  
    • Implement a rigorous common core aligned curriculum through backwards planning
    • Assume responsibility for academic progress within classroom and beyond
    • Abide by school-wide protocols for documenting all syllabi, lesson plans, assignments, rubrics, etc.
    • Collect and analyze assessment data and daily data to best inform instruction
    • Lead remediation and extension blocks, as well as advisory, and homeroom classes
    • Revise curriculum and teaching methods based on measurable data and observation feedback.    

    • Management Responsibilities  
    • Set and maintain high expectations for 100% of the scholars, 100% of the time
    • Work with Student Support Team to create individual behavior plans for select students
    • Abide by school-wide practices for behavior management and individual behavior plans
    • Take ownership over the classroom management with the mentality of "How can I improve my implementation of our systems, while always assuming the best in my scholars"

    • School Culture Responsibilities  
    • Work with Middle School team to analyze data, revise practices, norm on team-wide initiatives, and discuss individual scholars with a solutions-oriented mindset
    • Create systems for students for that exhibit exceptional effort and growth, both academically and behaviorally
    • Regularly communicate scholars progress towards goals with families
    • Attend and be an active participant in all professional development (school-wide or team-based) opportunities
    • Take part in weekly one-on-one feedback meetings with coach to discuss observation feedback, practice pedagogical strategies, analyze data and/or refine curriculum. 


    • Bachelor's degree required
    • Master's degree or higher preferred
    • Appropriate New York State certification required
    • At least two years of teaching experience strongly preferred
    • A desire to make a difference in the lives of our students, families and community
    • A commitment to working with diverse populations of families and students, including those at risk of educational failure
DREAM provides equal opportunity for all applicants and employees.