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FutureGov is looking for an experienced Full-Stack Developer to help us on our mission to design public services fit for the digital age. 

We believe citizens deserve access to user-centred products and services, delivered by modern, digitally-enabled organisations. We are looking for a Full-Stack Developer who is pragmatic, with experience across various technology stacks. This is part of a pan-european piece of work FutureGov are doing with one of our international partners, collaborating with various european cities.

The scope of this phase of work will include the technical and design build of a reimagined or newly designed service in each city. Teams have progressed through discovery and alpha phases over the course of 2020 and early 2021.  We will be working from discovery and alpha findings, testing assumptions and designing for user needs i.e. with a clear understanding of user needs for each of the services in each of these cities. Cities will be moving through private beta-public-beta-live services from January-October 2021.

We’re an inclusive employer, and we care about diversity in our teams. Let us know in your application if you have accessibility requirements during the interview. If you’d like to understand more about inclusion at FutureGov, contact Faith.

As a Full-Stack Developer you:

    • have experience with modern web technologiesIs versatile and a creative problem solver
    • can introduce new ideas and technologies to help solve problems quickly
    • possess strong development experience of either Javascript/Ruby/Python/Java technology stacks, and key frameworks and libraries in those stacks.
    • can think pragmatically, being able to select the right tool for the job.
    • have good experience of creating modern JS front-ends, including providing support for mobile devices, PWA’s desirable
    • are experienced in integrating with API’s, and integrating cloud technology functionality into code in order to build solutions quickly, e.g. Twilio, Azure/AWS cloud services
    • can write scripts and take data and potentially push it into legacy Oracle-based systems, or rapidly build a simple backend dashboard with a mobile front end
    • are able to write automated test scripts and apply a TDD approach
    • are knowledgable across full-stack development
    • can write scripts to connect systems and create tactical solutions
    • have worked with service and product design teams and have lead technical delivery teams
    • possess good technical design skills
    • can evidence applied knowledge of domain-driven design, patterns such as microservices and event-driven architectures, functional or object-oriented design principles, and emergent or evolutionary architecture.
    • have set up DevOps workflows and CI/CD 
    • can understand legacy or enterprise technologies to advise on the technical options to achieve project goals
    • will assist tech teams both city-side and internally with FG to prioritise work and connect systems.
The closing date for this role is Friday 7th March, and we need someone who can ideally start immediately, four days a week.