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What We're Looking For...

Finding a new baking recipe to try, learning about what to expect when you're expecting, browsing flooring options for a home remodel — these are just a few of the lifestyle-related topics that millions of people online want to read about!

At WebFX, we're looking for a talented, research-minded writer who's excited to explore the worlds of food and fashion, home improvement and family, and a variety of other lifestyle and entertainment spaces. Someone who's passionate about covering everything from high-end luxury countertops to spring cleaning must-dos, from creative barbecue recipes to event planning and decor, from family-friendly local attractions to the health benefits of green tea.

We want you to be driven by a love for knowledge in any lifestyle-related space and have a knack for asking the right questions to fuel your research. Whatever the topic, you are experienced in reading and parsing professional/academic research, authoritative sources and data sets. In your writing, you know how to translate that information into copy that's user-friendly and in line with a client's specific voice and style.

We're looking for someone who's excited by the idea of diving deep into topics in this industry and helping drive results with the copy you write. If this sounds like you, get in touch!

You Might Be a Great Fit For This Position if You Have…

A Bachelor’s Degree
Successful Fxers in this role have majored in English, Communications, Professional Writing, and other related fields
GPA above 3.4

A Few Related Skills and Experiences
(This is an entry-level role, and experience in every one of these areas is not required - we will train you on what you need to know! But the following skills/experience are awesome to have, and will help get your career off to a running start):

Part-time/summer job/internship experience is a must
Exceptional writing and communication skills
Experience writing in a digital format (blogging, etc.)
Ability to adapt your writing style to fit a variety of tones, voices, and audiences
Strong background or knowledge base in topics related to the lifestyle space

Any of these Signature FXer Traits!
You have a strong passion for writing  
You love research and get excited about getting into the nitty-gritty details of complex topics within the lifestyle space
You are a professional, dependable, and independent worker with a strong work ethic
You’re self-motivated, thrive on challenges, and enjoy getting things done
You have an eye for detail and dedication to high-quality work
You have an exceptional level of follow-through
You are a proactive, creative problem-solver who faces challenges with a can-do mindset
You possess excellent time management skills
You work with a sense of urgency and can consistently meet deadlines
You are a lifelong learner who loves to grow and stretch outside of your comfort zone, and are always looking to improve your skills

If any of these sound like you, then we want to hear from you! We are committed to growing 1% better everyday, and we believe working at WebFX could quite possibly make your life 1(00)% better - after all, you would be surrounded by the #BestCoworkersinPA!

In This Role, You’ll Get To…

-Work with WebFX in a long-term partnership as part of our remote Copy team
- Write an array of content types from blog posts to sales copy to longform content, specializing in lifestyle topics (anything from fashion to home products to food)
-Produce work for over 5,000 publishers and clients on the web and in the media
-Perform research to better understand the topics assigned, and be able to clearly communicate them to the client’s audience
-Manage your time effectively in order to turn around projects on deadline
-Troubleshoot, solve problems on the fly, and figure things out independently when needed - take initiative and accountability for all assigned projects
-Enjoy flexibility in this 40-hour/week independent contractor position, with the opportunity to tackle assignments from the location of your choosing!

What To Expect From Life on Our Copy Team!
-This position is fully remote! Work from anywhere as long as you have a great internet connection, a reliable laptop, and a comfortable workspace
-This position requires 40 hours of availability per week, but our writers enjoy a high level of flexibility in their daily schedule
-Our Remote Copy roles are designed with longevity and stability in mind - some of our most experienced writers and editors have been working with us for over 10 years!

What You’ll Get From Us!

Opportunities to Learn and Train With Our Team!
Each of our partners benefits from our world-class training program. As part of our mission, we commit to helping our team and partners stay on the leading edge of the industry. We achieve this through ongoing training programs, incentives for learning, regular Lunch-and-Learns, and more

A Place to Grow Your Career
WebFX grew 250%+ over the past 3 years, and merit-based promotional opportunities are abundant for new FXers who meet or exceed position performance metrics

Monthly Retainers: 
In addition to the compensation provided to the contractor, WebFX offers 6 paid holidays along with a $180 monthly retainer to utilize as the contractor sees fit in order to better perform the agreed-upon services to WebFX

Flexible Schedule: 
As an independent contractor, you get to choose your optimal work schedule and have the convenience of working from home

Make a Difference: 
WebFX strives to not only improve the lives of our clients and everyone who works for them, but to make a tangible difference on a global level as well. Through #FXBuilds, our goal is to positively change the lives of 10,000 people by 2024. Your work will contribute to #FXBuilds by helping us reach client goals!

Performance Bonuses: 
Contractors are eligible for performance bonuses totaling up to $1,000 per year

- Hourly Rates starting between $18 and $21. An annual income equivalent to $42k to $46k (potentially higher based on work experience)
- $1k potential in bonuses annually
- $200+ monthly stipend: Extra cash for whatever you deem necessary to improve your remote work life! Other writers and editors have used this bonus to cover their various expenses such as Internet, health care expenses, contributions to their rent, luxuries for their home office, and much more. This bonus is provided as a thank-you for your ongoing contributions and loyalty to WebFX.  
- $1200 travel stipend: Recharge your batteries! WebFX cares deeply about maintaining a work/life balance and understands the importance of mental health. This travel stipend is earned after your first 365 days on the team and will continue to be provided once every 365 days thereafter. If you want to travel abroad or spend some time at the beach for some relaxation, we'll cover up to $1200 of your expenses!

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*You don't need to apply more than once even if you're interested in multiple positions - you can simply let us know! We consider all open roles when reviewing resumes and applications!

WebFX is an Equal Opportunity Employer, committed to providing and fostering an inclusive environment where all people, including women, minorities, LGBTQ+ and other underrepresented groups are supported, respected, and encouraged to excel within STEM careers. Our goal as an organization is to empower our team to achieve their personal best, bring people together, and provide equal opportunity to do so regardless of race, age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, physical ability or disability, or political affiliation. You can learn more on our website here!