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About us:

In the words of Inc Magazine “Web Summit is the largest technology conference in the world”. Forbes says Web Summit is “the best tech conference on the planet”, Bloomberg calls it  “Davos for geeks”, Politico “the Olympics of tech”, and the Guardian “Glastonbury for geeks”.

Whatever Web Summit is, it wouldn’t be possible without an incredible team of more than 240 employees, including world-class engineers, data scientists, designers, producers, marketers, salespeople and more.

We’ve disrupted an old industry by building incredible software and designing mind-blowing events. We’ve revolutionised how people come together in our world. We started with one event: Web Summit. But now, we’re creating category-defining events all over the world, from Asia to North America.  

We’re just getting started.

About the team:

As a member of the speaker team for the Corporate Innovation Stage at Web Summit you will be given journalistic autonomy in your area to bring together the most interesting people and stories in the world, pairing them with leading journalists who interview our speakers on stage. 

You are the editor of your stage, and will determine what themes, content and news stories are covered before the event, covered onstage at the event and covered in the weeks and months after each event. 

Only at Web Summit will a Head of State, Fortune 500 CEO and Hollywood Actor come together, and you will help define what news they create.

What you'll achieve:

    • You’ll produce the best onstage content in the world for our Corporate Innovation Stage.
    • You’ll develop a high profile network of technology leaders, Prime Ministers, politicians and leading figures across several other industries.
    • Grow to become a leader of our events across the world, being the central point of contact for that event.
    • You will create global headlines for the world's leading publications and broadcasters.
    • You’ll acquire the highest-calibre speakers in the world like Margrete Vestager, Al Gore or Elon Musk.
    • Offstage you’ll curate the highest-level experiences for the most influential speakers. 

Who you are:

    • You are an experienced storyteller who is able to bring together all strands of society and weave it into compelling content.
    • You are a leader who actively drives change.
    • You have broken stories of international importance.
    • You understand journalism, media and research, and your peers would consider you an expert in your area.
    • You care deeply about storytelling and have an instinct in identifying the most interesting stories that can have a worldwide impact.
    • You are someone who is ambitious, driven and relentlessly looking to improve.
    • You are passionate about how technology is changing the world.
    • You enjoy working in a fast-paced, competitive environment.
    • You’re incredibly detail-oriented, always making sure nothing falls through the cracks.
    • 8/10 is a failure in your eyes.
    • You are fun, and a people person.

Skills & abilities we are looking for:

    • Contacts - You can acquire and maintain high-level contacts across numerous industries
    • Persuasive - You believe in something and can make others believe in it too.
    • Sharp editorial sense - You can spot a trend or story before others.
    • Quick learner - You’re able to get up to speed on new subject areas quickly and identify key issues and target speakers.
    • Tech Knowledge - You understand and can give examples of how technology is fundamentally changing the world and you have a working knowledge of the tech industry.
    • Ambitious - You are driven to improve and you will never settle for second best.

Be healthy, curious and social:

    • Stay healthy with our subsidised healthcare cover, gym membership and yoga. 
    • We offer competitive salaries, rent subsidies, flexible hours and a mac for work.
    • Enjoy your own private garden(Dublin HQ) with orchard, sports equipment, and vegetables right outside your office. 
    • Enjoy an unlimited supply of fresh fruit, beverages, cereals and subsidised lunches.
    • Learn new skills from those around you with onsite talks, training initiatives from our L&D team and a tailored online learning account for everyone!
    • Become workmates, not just colleagues, with our active social calendar of company celebrations, trips abroad, social responsibility days and sports.
At WebSummit, we embrace diversity and inclusion. We want talent from all walks of life to help us on our journey to digitise the conference sector. Hiring decisions are made purely on experience, skills and the needs of the business.