Japanese Music Content Specialist (pop music)

Translation, Localization, Interpretation, QA Testing – On-Site/Project-Based /
Full Time /
Welocalize is seeking individuals who have a passion for popular music and the artists who drive the craft. We are looking for candidates who can be involved in transcribing lyrical content in their target language in line with project and industry priorities.
It is your role to evaluate the quality of both internal and external partner content to ensure the quality and standards of the finished products before they reach the user.
We are looking for candidates with strong music, lyrics, metadata, data analysis, and translation backgrounds. In this role, you will be responsible for analyzing Music Lyrics Content - transcribing lyrics, proofreading/editing/QC-ing lyrics, and analyzing music/artist metadata. Excellent linguistic skills, and music knowledge. You will need a passion for technology and a will to question the current workflows with the mindset to improve tools and processes.
Roles and responsibilities include but are not limited to the following;

Lyrics -
Transcribe lyrics for high-priority content. 
Verify lyric accuracy on content sourced from partners, ensuring it meets the provided standards. 
Maintain time-sync coverage for the top 80% of plays.

Music Curation -
Polish top albums in the local market each week.
Polish albums/tracks featured in campaigns.
Maintain polishing coverage for the top 80% of plays.
Make edits to metadata when needed.

Artist Curation -
Curate top artists in the local market each week.
Polish artist pages featured in campaigns.
Make edits to metadata when needed.
This position may be exposed to content that could be construed as offensive, including but not limited to sexual, health-related, racial, or violent. 


    • Knowledgeable in artist discography Passionate about music and media and well-versed in pop culture and music history.
    • Highly detail-oriented and feel comfortable multitasking and working in a dynamic environment while maintaining the quality and quantity of their work.
    • Candidates having any linguistic background / previous experience transcribing lyrics will be a plus.
    • Excellent research skills.
    • Must be currently located in Japan.
    • Confident and collected disposition while performing under time constraints.
    • Ambitious individuals who work well both independently and with a team.
    • Proficiency in English is a must.
    • Focused, upbeat, adaptable, and results oriented with a positive attitude.
    • Thorough knowledge of macOS is preferred.
    • Experience and Education: Bachelor’s Degree and experience working with music, metadata, and content management (preferred).

If this sounds like an opportunity you’d like to jump at, please send us your application.