Perception Engineer – ML/CV and Algorithms

San Jose, CA
Software Engineering /
Full-time /
WeRide is a smart mobility start-up whose mission is to transform mobility with autonomous driving. We are committed to build better transportation experience that’s safe, efficient, affordable and joyful. We have an elite team of entrepreneurs and technologists who share the same passion and pursue continuous excellence in their work. Silicon Valley team is looking for Perception engineer to implement the next generation automotive vision and machine learning algorithms. 

What you will do:

    • Research and develop efficient, end-to-end ML solutions for Perception with sensor fusion, including but not limited:
    • Obstacle detection and understanding (e.g. obstacles’ 3D location, motion properties, and fine-grained attributes)
    • Understanding of the drivable space and 3D occupancy
    • Map sensing (e.g. lane boundary and topology)
    • Scene understanding (e.g traffic light, short/long-term intent of vehicles, construction zone, etc.)
    • Develop efficient and robust onboard system
    • Develop efficient offboard “loop” to allow fast iteration on long-tail scenarios


    • Have strong abilities in both algorithms and C++ coding; or have strong expertise in at least one of these fields: computer vision, machine learning, and model optimization
    • Solid skills in problem solving, algorithms, and data analysis
    • Good communication and coordination skills
    • Self-motivated and believe in the future of self-driving-cars


    • Rich experience in C++ development, multithreading, memory management, computing optimization 
    • Rich experience in multi-sensor fusion and 3d/2d tracking
    • Publications on top-tier conferences and journals 
Salary Range: Your base pay is one part of your total compensation package. For this position, the reasonably expected pay range is between $130,000 - $182,000 for the level at which this job has been scoped. Your base pay will depend on several factors, including your experience, qualifications, education, location, and skills. In the event that you are considered for a different level, a higher or lower pay range would apply. This position is also eligible for an annual performance bonus, equity, and a competitive benefits package. offers competitive salary depending on the experience. Employee benefits include:
Premium Medical, Dental and Vision Plan (No cost from employees or their families)
Free Daily Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Paid vacations and holidays
401K plan