Software Engineer -校招2024 (中国)

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WeRide is a smart mobility start-up whose mission is to transform mobility with autonomous driving. We are committed to build better transportation experience that’s safe, efficient, affordable and joyful. We have an elite team of entrepreneurs and technologists who share the same passion and pursue continuous excellence in their work. is looking for world class coders to work on transforming mobility by solving some of the most challenging AI and robotics problems. You will work with world-class experts in the field of mobility solutions and advance the state of the art in areas such as computer vision, sensor fusion, machine learning, object tracking, and motion planning.


    • 和智能出行专家团队一起工作,推动人工智能的前沿发展, 研发用于自动驾驶的计算机视觉,机器学习, 深度学习, 强化学习等。
    • 技术方向包括但不限于: 传感器的标定与融合,物体检测跟踪及预测, 可行驶区域检测, SLAM,3D点云处理,路径规划,以及控制优化等。


    • 计算机、机器人、软件工程、人工智能等相关专业本科以上;
    • 热爱无人车领域,喜欢挑战,善于思考,逻辑清晰,有快速的学习和理解能力,富有责任心,良好的团队协作精神;
    • 熟练掌握至少一种语言, 包括但不限于 Python, Java, C++等;
    • 加分项:有ACM等竞赛亚洲区域赛以上的奖牌选手背景或者其他知名算法竞赛top10%,或顶会等发表过paper者。
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