Product Designer (Team Activation)

Remote /
Product & Technology – Product /
Whereabouts: We work from everywhere within CET +/- 5 hours
Interviews: Around 4-6 hours over a few weeks, including some practical work
Salary: €60,000 - €70,000 (We're flexible on this, so please don't resist applying due to budget)
Reporting to: Anish, our Product Manager for Activation team
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"The function of design is letting design function.", Micha Commeren, designer

Your mission at Whereby*
Create delightful product experiences in a squad that focuses on improving the activation of new users, by making sure they discover the value in our product as quickly as possible.
*This is the mission that moves you and your team through our strategic roadmap, and should be your focus for up to a year or two.

What is Whereby all about
Freedom to work from anywhere: our mission with Whereby is to give people freedom to live and work where they thrive.
📍 Our global HQ is in Oslo, Norway, but our users (and team) are worldwide - having been used in nearly every country in the world by millions of folks. 🌏
By making it possible to collaborate as well over video as you can in real life, we want to give you the choice to work from where your life happens. To allow you to be in a place where you can think and focus, but also allow a seamless and instant connection with others when you need to.
For our 60 team members, and also for our customers, we know that the ability to decouple location from work can be life-changing. They can afford the house they want, can spend less time commuting, be closer to nature, and their children get to grow up seeing their grandparents every day. Everyone on our team enjoys the enormous benefits that a flexible work policy brings, and we truly believe the future of work will gravitate towards our vision of the future.

Product at Whereby
We strongly believe in the superpowers of an empowered, passionate and cross-functional product team. We are a product-led business who strive to evolve our product alongside users, exceed their expectations and delight them. We try to ensure both that we are building the right thing and building the thing right. We analyse data, talk to users, prototype and iterate. We focus on discovering and solving user problems, not just building and shipping features. As a member of our product team you’ll take on a key role in this process and see your work be used by millions of users worldwide.

🔍 What we're looking for in our Product Designer
We're looking for a Product Designer who can go from identifying user needs to sketching solutions with prototypes, test ideas, and refine design with data and user feedback. You have great experience with building innovative products and are passionate about Whereby's design identity. You are curious with a desire to understand our audience and objectives with a strong sense of design and digital production. 

🌎 We believe in everyone
We fundamentally believe talent is distributed to all of us in equal measure. We open our doors (physical or url) to everyone and we see our differences as a strength; it’s this philosophy that drives us towards our mission.
This means we see your unique history as having a value money cannot buy; we believe in the strength of every intersection of race, religion or belief, ethnic origin, different physical ability, family structure, socio-economics, age, nationality or citizenship, marital, domestic or civil partnership status, sexual orientation, gender identity.

⚒️ The nuts and bolts of the role*
* Please do not see everything in this job ad as "must have", but rather a guiding list of what we're looking for. We know that no candidate will be the perfect match for all we've mentioned in this posting, so don't be afraid to apply if you feel you're close to the brief but not "spot on".

Your attributes

    • 💡 Autonomous
    • 📊 Data-informed
    • 🥅 Goal-oriented
    • 🦄 Innovative
    • 💪 Relentless

Your previous experience

    • Are a current Product Designer or work in a similar role
    • Have proven working experience with Product Design
    • Spend your days in Figma or tool of choice
    • Experience with HTML, CSS, JavaScript (react), user-testing and conversion tools is a plus
    • Working with iterative development of a Software Product (ideally freemium SaaS)
    • Enjoy working in distributed and cross-functional teams,
    • Proud to say you do things differently; working to build a world-class product which is fit for purpose (not just taken from a Medium article), and
    • Are a really nice person with loads of ambition!

How we'll measure your success🌟

    • Activation rate for new users who sign up.
    • Retention after signing up.
    • Completion rate through the onboarding flow.

Strategic responsibilities

    • Understand users motivation for trying the product.
    • Use data to uncover drivers for retention.
    • Identify opportunities for new experiments.
    • Work with other designers to maintain a consistent design throughout the product.

Tactical responsibilities

    • Be an integral part of developing the Whereby brand, and make it come to life in your product designs.
    • Design flows and experiences that are simple and elegant .
    • Bring ideas for new designs or experiments into your product team.
    • Contributing to the internal design culture- we have a flat hierarchy within the Design team.
    • Translate complex ideas into user-friendly and visually elegant designs.
    • Design, prototype and develop solutions for web and mobile apps.
    • Identify user needs, sketch solutions with prototypes, test ideas, and refine design with data and user feedback.
    • Iterate alongside engineers to build great user experiences.
    • Contribute towards and help maintain our design system

Foundational responsibilities

    • Together with the team, understand the user problems related to onboarding, and explore ideas to improve activation.
    • Working closely with Product Manager, Developers, Data Scientist, User researchers to scope projects.
    • Formulate hypotheses for the impact of design changes and take part in defining experiments.
    • Make the Whereby brand come to life in your product designs.

Your progression

    • You’ll get the chance to work with modern design tools and methodologies and will have a real opportunity to impact both. 
    • You'll have the opportunity and flexibility to be part of different teams and develop in several areas.
    • We offer career progression opportunities both for manager roles and expert roles. The Design team is progressing and there might be great opportunities for being part of this journey going forward.
    • We encourage our team members to attend one course/conference event per year, and attend relevant events on a frequent basis.
    • Potentially big impact on the overall business.

You've read all this way... you may as well apply! 🙌

If you have any more questions, take a peek at our Recruitment FAQ on Notion or drop us an email to

Note: We perform background checks on certain roles. For more information about how and why we carry out background checks, this document is a great starting point. For anything further, please email or your Talent Partner. Whereby’s background checks will be carried out by Zinc.