Product Manager - Marketplace

We are looking for a Product Manager to work with our Willow Marketplace. Your role will be instrumental in the future of Willow as we unleash worldwide innovation in the built world. Ideally you would have built a marketplace before or previous experience in the complexity of integrating systems with third parties. Working with our Marketplace Manager and wider team, you will build a robust, reliable and secure platform that our potential partners will want to integrate with.

Who is Willow?
Willow is a global technology company with offices in Australia, USA, Europe, Philippines and Israel. We’re moving into the next stage of growth and are looking for smart and engaged humans to join us.
We are the digital twin for the built world. This means that we develop virtual representations, or “twins” of buildings and infrastructure, that help people better understand, operate and connect with their built world. At its heart, Willow is a solution that will transform the way we think about and interact with our world.
Ranked in LinkedIn’s 2018 Australian ‘Top 25 Startups’, you will experience a team that is empowering, collaborative and nurturing whilst working at a fast pace. At Willow, we never give up, we work smart, we care about our fellow human beings and we always put our best foot forward.
Why join Willow?
Willow is changing our built world through technology.
We are on a mission to help people better understand the world of real assets (buildings and infrastructure) in order to make our world more sustainable and innovative for future generations.
Every day, our built world produces huge amounts of data - from the occupants that walk the corridors, to the equipment that powers and measures operations. Sadly, most of this valuable information goes to waste, locked away in proprietary systems or fragmented digital languages. The mismanagement of this data is having a negative impact on bottom line performance, and owners are losing huge amounts of untapped value
By better utilising this information through the creation of a digital twin, we can correct a missed opportunity for the building sector. To use this data to optimise the performance of our existing asset portfolios and to improve the quality of future construction.
We are using the digital twin to derive powerful, contextual insights that help a number of user groups, including owners, operators and occupants. From the boardroom, to construction sites and facilities managers, passengers and occupants; we are providing the right data, at the right time for the right decision makers. That’s what makes the difference.
Our mission is to help our users not only see what’s ahead, but to know exactly what to do about it.
To help people know their world.
Willow is working with some of the largest brands in property, technology and infrastructure.

Responsible for:

    • Sole ownership of the product narrative from inception through to execution
    • Ensuring deadline deliverables are met on agreed time and on budget
    • Creation and presentation of business cases that justify ROI to key stakeholders for product investment
    • Development, implementation and management of product roadmap evolution
    • Creation of effective and efficient product launch plans
    • Identifying prospective third-party providers to carry out contract demands outside of internal production scope
    • Managing announcements to internal and external parties regarding new releases, bugs and upgrades
    • Client-facing product representation and engagement
    • Ongoing client relationship management/maintenance
    • Training key teams internally and users externally on product use, features and benefits
    • Management of product team workflow and morale
    • Identifying revenue opportunities

Role attributes

    • Proven/relevant industry experience in excess of 10+ years
    • Exposure to the product development life cycle
    • Exposure to Agile and Waterfall methodologies
    • Keen and practical understanding of managing and delivering specification documents
    • Experience in resource planning and time frame punctuality to meet project deliverables
    • A passion for UX design, eager to contribute innovation
    • Exposure to scalable cultural/environmental influences in expansions of growth
    • Analytical strength in carrying data-driven expectations from inception through to execution
    • Proficient in forming and managing key stakeholder relationships
    • Insatiable desire to learn and understand

Must have's:

    • Exceedingly high attention to detail
    • Competent in multi-tasking
    • Carries a high-standard of personal performance
    • Eager to work in a fast-paced, high-growth tech startup
    • Openness to receiving guidance and direction
    • Ability to work both autonomously and collaboratively
    • Cool, calm and collected under pressure
    • Unlimited imagination – lateral thinker
If you feel that your experience aligns with our vision, please apply today.