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About Wintermute
Wintermute is a hyper-growth fintech startup and one of the largest players in the global digital asset markets. We provide liquidity algorithmically across most cryptocurrency exchanges and trading platforms, as well as support high profile blockchain projects and traditional financial institutions moving into crypto.

Culturally, we combine the best traits of both trading companies and technology startups. As a trading company, we manage hundreds of millions in assets, trade more than $5B+/day across dozens of trading platforms and are highly profitable in doing so. As a technology startup, we build, innovate and move incredibly fast, we create best-in-class liquidity products that create more efficient markets. We believe that traditional finance has to change and we are on a mission to define and build the decentralized future of finance. 

Wintermute is a hyper-growth highly profitable proprietary trading business. We are backed by top tier global venture capital investors such as Lightspeed, Pantera Capital, Sino Global Capital, Ventures, Avon Ventures by Fidelity Investments, DeFi Alliance and others. Learn more about our team and culture on our website and Evgeny’s post here.

Strategy & Operations team  

Strategy & Operations team is in the COO office of Wintermute, tasked with scaling the company to its very ambitious milestones. 

Your role will be very varied and cross-functional. You will be co-designing, owning and implementing strategic initiatives as well as building the core business functions for scale. Expect to be very practical and hands-on! 

It is an incredibly unique opportunity to be part of a startup that has already become a global market leader in its category, achieved commercial success and is yet small enough (in terms of headcount) where you can make a big difference!

Note: this role is not about “giving advice to management” and “high-level strategy design” or managing others. The role is about making important things happen and building a business for the future.

Opportunities for you:

    • All-round experience growing a successful businesses from X to Y
    • Experience designing processes and scaling operations across a very wide set of functional areas, many of them likely new to you
    • Hands-on entrepreneurial experience and experience building important aspects of a business
    • Influence on shaping your role: your specific projects and responsibilities will be the intersection of your talents/interests and company needs; there is no limit to the scope of the role
    • A lot of personal accountability and related non-linear rewards for results
    • Experience working in the most dynamic and exciting industry of the decade in a company that has a very diversified exposure to crypto (you do not bet on a specific token, protocol or product)

Potential/likely functional subject areas:

    • Go-to-market: business development processes, sales operations, product marketing
    • New businesses: setting up new entities, businesses and markets
    • Finance: financial planning and modelling, cost of capital optimizations, corporate structuring and tokenomics, investor updates
    • Talent operations: employer marketing, events, recruitment of key functions 
    • Product: product and project management
    • Partnerships: projects relating to setting up new partner relationships, e.g. clearers, prime brokers and other strategic service providers
    • Reporting & analytics: automation, data and analytics
    • Crypto and market analytics: analysis of ecosystems, projects, players, markets

Hard Skills Requirements

    • 3-7 years experience in a high-performance environment, such as management consulting, investment banking, PE, VC-backed startup, law firm, etc
    • Top tier MBA may be a plus but isn’t necessary
    • Strong problem solving skills, both quantitative and qualitative – we will test
    • Strong communication skills - be able to communicate clearly, concisely and listen well
    • Ability and interest to learn about new technologies quickly, both on conceptual (e.g. how DeFi protocols work) and hands-on (how to use automation tools) levels  

Other Requirements

    • Curiosity in the world of finance, trading, blockchain, and cryptocurrencies; if you are not interested to follow the industry in your spare time “because it’s fascinating”, it will be difficult to keep up
    • Ability to see the big picture, design processes from scratch and break down big strategic projects into small executable steps (and execute these steps)
    • Results-driven and ability to get things done in a fast and efficient way, good at making sure the "trains run on time"
    • A healthy level of self-awareness and ability to learn from your own mistakes
    • Preference to work in a meritocracy and being judged by what you deliver
    • Ownership mentality, prepared to work beyond 9-to-5 to achieve what is required for the business
    • Like working in the team environment working from our London office (as much as Covid restrictions allow)

Wintermute offers

    • Distinct company culture 
    • Aligned incentive structure: on top of competitive fixed compensation you receive a significant performance-based variable pay
    • A cool office in central London with a sci-fi touch, including its own “living room”, game room, gym, stocked kitchen, etc (although this is probably the wrong reason to join any company!)
    • Weekly team events, such as team lunches, team dinners, team board games and Dota playing sessions; these are not obligatory in any sense, but this is what we like to do

Tips for Successful Application

    • Only apply to us if you are genuinely interested in this role
    • Do your basic research: read our website and social media channels (Twitter, LinkedIn, etc)
    • Be candid and direct when answering application questions, do not send us generic copy paste answers; we are looking for authentic people with clear motivations
    • If you don't have any obviously matching experience or skills, make sure you state very clearly what you can bring to the team and how your experience is relevant or transferable
    • We get a lot of applications, so unfortunately, we won't be able to proceed if you don’t take the application seriously; we read all applications, all of your answers and we promise to reply to everyone who puts time and effort into making their application stand out!