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Why be with company?

We all know what a great neighborhood feels like. The sad reality is that every day, our neighborhoods are losing their character, authenticity, and sense of community. From Main Streets to Manhattan, our beloved local businesses are being pushed out at unprecedented rates, replaced with corporate brands or empty storefronts. America is losing its small business backbone—its diversity, energy, and competitive edge.

withco empowers small businesses to become property owners so that they obtain the control, intergenerational wealth, and permanence only afforded through ownership. We've raised $30M+ from the world's best investors and our team includes former leaders from companies like Bain, Better, CBRE, Compass, McKinsey, Medium, Soros, Uber, VTS, and more. Join our mission to make it exciting to be a small business owner in America again.

How you'll help us succeed

As a software engineer you'll be mission-critical to withco. You'll build the systems that not only help us scale our core product, giving America’s best small business owners the opportunity to own their real estate, but also help our team to make better decisions driven by rich data. As we grow, you'll build the tooling that helps our small business partners compete with the likes of Whole Foods and Starbucks, and become even more connected with the neighborhood they serve.

What you'll do

    • Work closely with engineers and other business partners to identify and solve our most important challenges.
    • Incrementally deliver high-quality products and tools that support both our small business partners and our internal operations.
    • Work on high impact projects that will improve our data quality, provide reliable access to that data, and help us make better decisions.
    • Shape our technical strategy, advocate for best practices, investigate new technologies, and mentor other engineers.

What makes you a great fit

    • You have 3+ years of experience building high-quality web applications.
    • You value automated testing and implementing good testing practices.
    • You can work across the entire stack to deliver end-to-end solutions.
    • You are comfortable with agile processes (e.g. XP, Scrum, Kanban) and engineering practices (e.g. CI/CD, test-driven development, pair programming).
    • You approach problems in a thoughtful way — you value simplicity, and can justify technical decisions and articulate their tradeoffs.
    • You enjoy working in cross-functional teams, collaborating closely with product, design, and other areas of the business.
Our Values

Support small: We invent, build, and execute to meaningfully improve the lives of our small business partners. We put in the work to look out for their best interests because their success is our success.
Own, don't rent: We are relentlessly resourceful, "do what we say we'll do", and care about the details. When we see a problem, we roll up our sleeves because it's our responsibility to take care of it.
1% better every day: We constantly improve and drive towards hitting ambitious goals. We operate from a place of humility and upcycle mistakes into feedback and learnings. We focus on outcomes, look for opportunity, and celebrate a growth-mindset.
Hustle to honesty: We seek to quickly get to the truth, especially if it's scary or inconvenient. We assume positive intent and are open, honest, and direct about problems.
Think critically, act quickly: We utilize first principles and diverse perspectives to prioritize the right problems and solutions. We have a bias for action to rapidly and rigorously test hypotheses, show evidence of progress with data, and then double down on what works.


We think competitive salary & equity, zero-stress health insurance coverage, and a flexible work-life policy are table-stakes for building a great company with great people. We want to build a company that puts employees first and helps them live and see our mission in action. Through retreats, workshops, and dinners, we've built a curriculum to learn from small business entrepreneurs across America who have perfected their crafts over generations. We want you to not just understand what our partners need, but truly participate in making their businesses successful.

Are you with company?

There isn't a pursuit that embodies the American Dream more than running a small business. It embodies pulling yourself up by your bootstraps, and following through on your word, and being good to your neighbors. It takes novel thinking, action-oriented integrity, deep empathy, and the most dedicated form of entrepreneurship imaginable. And it means spending each day working on something you’re proud to put your name on—sometimes literally.

These are values we honor at withco and we’re looking to build out a uniquely diverse, energetic, inclusive, and service-oriented team—one that understands, cares about, and represents the different communities we aim to serve. We especially encourage women, people of color, LGBTQ, and others who are underrepresented in the technology and real estate industries to apply. You’ll be a mission-critical team member. Are you with company