Backend Engineer (Contract)

San Francisco, CA /
Engineering /
Joy is growing, and we’re looking for talented frontend engineers with strong design sensibilities and a desire to create interfaces that are a pleasure to use.

In this role, you will implement features of all sizes and contribute to key technology decisions. You will partner closely with our product and CX teams to understand our customers, then collaborate with frontend, back end, and mobile engineers to build beautiful user experiences. You would use your extensive knowledge of backend systems to improve Joy api, a complex system which backs our client applications used and loved by millions. You'll engineer for correctness, maintainability, and performance while delighting couples and guests by making their working lives simpler, more pleasant, and more productive.


    • Design and implement new backend systems which power Joy websites and apps
    • Debug complex problems, performance bottlenecks, scale issues.
    • Architect the public API of Joy.
    • Help with DevOps and rolling out systems across multiple regions.


    • Master's Degree in Computer Science or equivalent practical know-how
    • 5+ years of development experience excluding coursework
    • High degree of familiarity with Node.js, javascript and some familiarity with typescript
    • Have demonstrated experience in building secure, high-performing REST or Graphql Apis
    • Be able to work independently without supervision but still be a great team player.
    • Set and hold a high bar for quality.
    • Has a great understanding of SQL and NoSQL worlds.  We use both Firebase as well as PostgreSQL.
    • Instincts for solving tough issues by analyzing logs
    • Great at debugging complex applications
    • Previous startup experience preferred
This position is remote.

Joy wants to disrupt the age-old wedding and event planning industry with technology. We strive to find and enable new workflows and behaviors between everyone involved in planning the big day. This is a gigantic undertaking and we want talented, passionate and fun teams to help us get there.

Work @ Joy
Fast paced, Challenging, Fun.
The work environment is very dynamic. We iterate often and fast. We talk to our customers. We dig deeper into what is it that they really need. We encourage wearing as many hats as you want. We value humility and honesty over being right every time. We believe ideas win, not people.

Engineering @ Joy
Joy engineering is responsible for delivering high uptime backends and lightning fast, exquisitely crafted user experiences across mobile and web. We strive to remain at the cutting edge of technology allowing developers to do their best work here. On the backend we are developing a robust REST and GraphQL platform to empower event management all over the world which supports many thousands of requests per minute. The front ends touch more than a tens of thousands of users daily.

Things which we do differently than many other software companies include the following.
- Directly engaging with customers especially for features which you have build.
- Being a rotating engineer on-call or first responder for engineering.
- Testing your own feature and sometimes helping with testing other people's features.