Product Lead

Helsinki, Finland
About the role

Wolt is looking for a Product Lead to join our team based in Helsinki. Wolt is an award winning application, experiencing tremendous growth, with countless opportunities to build exciting new stuff. As a Product Lead, you'd be here working with the product team to make sure we are focusing on the right things by making sure new features, products and launches are roadmapped, prioritized and planned for correctly. This may sound like a very standard PM role, but rest assured, it's a lot more. The growth possibilities are endless and we are looking to indulge you with a lot of ownership and responsibility.

In an ideal world you'd be a mixture of engineering understanding and business savvy with the go-getter attitude of a "could-be start-up CEO". You'd be working closely with the engineering team, so you need to understand our developers, and what it takes to develop a great product. The business savvy comes in when you need to work with our business operations, do competition research and build roadmaps for new business areas or products. All of this is turned into pure magic if you are also analytical and have a background of working with data. You could come to this role from a multitude of different backgrounds, but previous experience as a business strategist or consultant, business analyst, product manager, engineering lead or project manager might have prepared you for a magical mystery ride as a Wolt Product Lead.

It may sound like we are looking for a unicorn (which we probably are) but we believe in unicorns - we are looking for the perfect fit to support us taking our product to the next level. If you think you might be the one, we are really hoping to hear from you!

Join us for a delightful journey!

We could list here all the amazing things that we offer you, but actually the best part about working with Wolt is that we have a freaking awesome group of people working here, and there is never a dull day at the office. You're welcome to come and take a look if you don't believe us, and we make sure all our new hires are invited to all the great Wolt events even prior to joining.

The compensation will be a negotiable combination of monthly pay and Wolt stock options. The latter make it exceptionally easy to be excited about our company growing and doing well, as you'll own a piece of the pie.

The position will be filled as soon as we find the right person, so make sure to apply as soon as you realize you really, really want to join us! We appreciate a great love letter, so make sure to send over some of that love in your cover letter, if you are feeling some heart palpitations for us.

If you want to check up on your application or have any further questions about the position you can turn to Product Recruitment Manager, Laura Teerisuo, at at any given time.

About Wolt

Wolt is an Apple-awarded technology company building the one app for discovering and getting great food in your city. Choose a restaurant, build your order and hit send. Follow your order’s progress by the minute and have your meal delivered to your home or your office, or pick it up yourself.

Since launching in Finland in 2015, we have expanded to fifteen countries (Denmark, Estonia, Poland, Georgia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Norway, Sweden, Greece, Croatia, Israel, Serbia and Czech Republic), grown to more than 2 Million registered users, and partnered with more than 4,000 restaurants.

We've also been fortunate enough to receive some appreciation and recognition for our hard work along the way. Apple selected us as their Editors' Choice, Wired named us one of the "Hottest Startups in Europe," Forbes included our CEO Miki Kuusi on its 30-under-30 in Consumer Tech list, and the Nordic Startup Awards named us Company of the Year.

Wolt is more than just a food delivery operation – in fact we are built upon a solid foundation of state-of-the-art technology. Our internal tooling enables us to ramp up new cities efficiently and provide excellent customer service, our own logistics platform allows us to optimise our couriers’ work to get you the food you want as fast as possible, and our restaurant platform allows restaurants to offer exciting food experiences for our customers in an optimal way.