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Let's Work Bravely

Bravely is on a mission to make life at work better for everyone. We are democratizing access to professional coaching. Companies worldwide look to us to provide their employees across all levels access to on-demand confidential coaching for the moments that matter most at work. Through Bravely, employees have a trusted and skilled coach to support their well-being, career development, and performance and ultimately help them thrive in their workplaces.

We work with companies like Zillow, Pinterest, and Autodesk, who are deeply committed to equity and inclusion by ensuring that all of their employees have access to our highly-vetted, diverse, and brilliant professional coaches. When organizations offer Bravely, they scale the support provided by their People teams, managers and transform their workplaces. Our data-driven insights and passionate team are driving change for employees and in workplaces around the world. 

About the role

We are hiring full stack engineers to join our growing team! At Bravely, we consider a potential technical solution to every problem.  This may mean writing one-off scripts to scrape sales leads, spinning up new sites for timely marketing campaigns, or realizing a manual solution is better than a technical one. Our team focuses on developer happiness and craft without taking ourselves too seriously.

We’re an early stage startup and to us, that means our short-term goal is to find fit, find growth, and leverage technology to stay lean and build solutions quickly.  Our long-term goal is to solve intractable problems with a combination of humans and machines and share those solutions with everyone.


• Work closely with designers and product managers to implement user interfaces for responsive web apps.
• Responsible for architecture, development and scaling of the backend systems that power Bravely.
• Help define workflows and processes to ensure consistent code management, deployment and performance.
• Build out core new platform functionality to support our growing client bases
• Maintain and own 4 web apps handling each aspect of the multi-sided platform
• Take on ad hoc projects with a variety of technologies that support all areas of the business

Prior Experience

• 3+ years experience building web apps
• Prior knowledge and experience with multi-sided platforms
• Experience working in an early stage startup
• Strong industry experience in architecture and development of scalable production-quality frontend and backend systems
• Ability to quickly write reliable, clean and testable code
• Eagerness to learn and explore new technologies

Required Skills

    • Ruby or other functional languages
    • Javascript
    • Any Relational Database, Postgres preferred
    • Willingness to learn new technologies

About You

    • Driven – You set goals and thrive on meeting and exceeding expectations.  You love to challenge yourself to be better.
    • Emotionally Intelligent – You’re aware when something is bothering you and know how to speak up about it in a calm and collected way.
    • Generalist – You have interest and knowledge in a broad array of topics.
    • Maker – You’ve been working on side projects and fleshing out interesting ideas for a long time. You love running experiments regardless of whether they succeed or fail.