Automotive Paint Technician

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Xpress Auto Body Shop is now hiring Automotive paint Technicians!

The work of a paint technician begins with the preparation of the item to be painted. This may involve dismantling and washing/cleaning the item, protecting any parts that do not require painting, and preparing all surfaces by:

·       Polishing
·       Scraping
·       Sanding
·       Brushing

The automotive paint technician is expected to prepare all the necessary materials and:

·       mix the paints
·       get the tools ready.
·       carry out the painting by applying the required number of coats

This is followed by:

·       drying
·       finishing
·       quality control of the finished item.
Duties of a Paint Technician:

-Examining surfaces to be treated
-Preparing surfaces to be painted
-Applying preparatory treatments to surfaces
-Preparing and mixing paints and any other substances to be applied
-Applying paints and any decorative elements
-Checking the finished item
-Performing maintenance on tools, equipment, and machinery

Skills and Qualifications:

-Ability to use painting machinery and equipment
-In-depth knowledge of the characteristics of paints and materials
-Familiarity with workplace safety regulations
-Professionalism and attention to detail
-Ability to work on own initiative
-Professional-level spoken English is a requirement